Shocker: Religion Is Killing People, Forsake It, Bishop Says.

Karl Marx once retorted, “religion is the opium of the people!”

 Religion is like a sleeping drug that makes people stupid. People are drugged by silly teachings and churches that teach them that:

By Bishop Pride Sibiya

· You will excel ONLY by confessing positively.

· You will prosper ONLY by shouting declarations.

· You will receive miracle money by being a member of my church.

· Excellence is ungodly

· You will enjoy life ONLY when you get to heaven not on earth.
Shocker: Religion Is Killing People, Forsake It, Bishop Says.
Shocker: Religion Is Killing People, Forsake It, Bishop Says.

This is religion for you. This is not Christianity. The genuine Christian faith gives people knowledge, wisdom and understanding. The genuine faith gives people the mind of God, not a blank mind that has room for demons of laziness. Religions and churches should all leave religion and start yearning for a transforming relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ was never a religious person, you too must not be. He was a Kingdom man, you too must be. Religion may be defined in a small way as a set of human norms, laws, cultures, and rules set out to seek and to please God. This is true of all religions in the world except in the Christian faith where God reveals Himself to humanity and does so in human form.

I thank God I am not in any religion, I belong to Jesus, I belong to the Kingdom of God, I am spiritual and I am a child of God! This Jesus-thing is liberating and transforming as opposed to chaining people to physical and spiritual slavery and bondage

Kingdom people are not foolish, they strive for excellence! The devil is a liar!

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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