My Dear Daughter, Age Is Not On Your Side?


Dear Young lady,

I hear your cry...

"Time is no longer on your side"

You will clock 35 this month, and yet no man seems interested in taking You to the altar.

You are 37

You are 40.

You would have been married since but because you insist on Abstinence Till Marriage (ATM).

Your last suitor left you because you told him No sex till the wedding night.
He was ready to marry you, but the only challenge was your stand on premarital sex.

Others are doing it and getting married every Saturday
My Dear Daughter, Age Is Not On Your Side?
My Dear Daughter, Age Is Not On Your Side?

You are even a worker in the church, while ladies who are Sunday only sisters are getting Married and becoming Mothers.

Your friends are mocking you because of your stand

Even your Mum says you should do it.

You are getting fed up

Every night you wet your pillow with tears

"When will it be my turn?" you cry.

"Are there no longer good men who stand for the word of God on abstinence?" you ask. You are contemplating giving in for the next suitor that comes after losing so many, after all, nobody will know.

You see, for every CONFESSION we make, we will be TESTED.

Think of the heroes of Faith.. Abraham had to wait for 20 years for God's promise.

Did God disappoint him in the end?


As long as you are PLAYING YOUR PART, and your stand on Premarital sex is the reason why you are still single. WAIT!

Don't be moved by the prosperity and weddings of sinners to give up your righteous stand.

God isn't blind.

God isn't helpless.

HE'S WATCHING YOU see if you will stand by him like Abraham, like Moses, like David, like Paul, or give up and chose the alternative.

Remember, the EXAMINER is always quiet during an EXAMINATION.

AGE may not be on your side, but GOD is on your side,

Your TIME will come.

Your WEDDING will be LOUD

Your TESTIMONY will encourage many.

Your HUSBAND will be the BEST among Men, made specially as a REWARD for your faithfulness.

You too like others before you will get MARRIED. You can bet on it.

God doesn't disappoint his Children. NEVER!

Your TEARS and PRAYERS have reached him. He's saying to you as you read this... "MY DAUGHTER YOUR TIME HAS COME"

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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