MUST READ: Usadyire Uroyi Kunyara (Don't Consume Poison In Shame)


Romans 1: 16 "I am not ASHAMED of the gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation."

When you get to a home and they ask you to eat food, what do you do? Our African culture is against the issue of refusing to eat food offered by your hosts. What if you see that your host has just laced your food with some poison? What do you do as an African? Some continue with the meal fully knowing that they will die after the meal…for me I will never partake of that meal…handingafire nyadzi.

By Bishop Apostle Pride Sibiya

Zvirinanane ndinyare asi ndisingadye panekunzi, wakapenga wadya asi uchifa?

Shame is one of the things that get in the way of Christians. One day I met an old school-mate who was well dressed and was a trainee pastor. I ran, coz I was ashamed. The preaching of the gospel has been disturbed by the issue of shame. People feel the heat of the power of the Spirit in them, like Jeremiah, but they are ashamed to be associated with Jesus. They are afraid to be asked, “do you do this Jesus-thing?”
MUST READ: Usadyire Uroyi Kunyara (Don't Consume Poison In Shame)
MUST READ: Usadyire Uroyi Kunyara (Don't Consume Poison In Shame)

The problem we have is that Jesus does not want to be a “private Jesus” and declares that if you are ashamed of Him before men, he will be ashamed of you before His Father. What you sow is what you reap! There are people like Nichodemus who know what is right but cannot follow it publicly…usadyire uroyi kunyara buda pachena kuti:

· Ndiri waJesu

· I am from Glory Ministries

· I tithe

· I am a child of Apostle Sibiya or Bishop So and So!

May I ask?

· How many people pray in a hotel or food court?

· How many pray in a plane?

· How many pray on the bus when conductors ask for someone to pray?

· How many are able to stand for Jesus and your church in a public setting?

· How many display our Bibles the the way we display our latest phone, hair-do, I-pad, or rings?

· How many can stand and say I am a child of the Apostle when you meet critics from your family or former church?

There are people who know where god is but cannot come because of shame. They say:

· What will people say?

· The Church is full of young people

· Ndingatonzi ndakabvisa bhachi?

· Ndinonyara kuonekwa ndichipindira panze.

· Ndaimbotuka Chechi iyi saka ndonyara kuendapo.

Ungafire kurumbidzwa nevanhu, uchidya muchetura nekunyara??? Sevanhu vari muna John 12:42-43 who believed on Jesus but did not confess Him fearing to be chucked out of the synagogue, “because they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God”

It is obvious if you start to preach the gospel people will say:

· Akupengeswa neChechi

· Akuita zvembanje

· Awonda nekutsanyiswa

Whose praise do you want: men or God?

The healed, one-blind man was bold enough, “I know not if he is a sinner or not…do you want to be his disciples?” He was not ashamed of His Jesus.

Usadye muchetura nekunyara!

People live in bondage because of being ashamed of standing for the truth:

Some are:

· Having small houses because of being ashamed kuti vanzi, hausi murume…usadye

· Some have weddings were beer is drunk, and at kitchen parties they also drink…usadye

· Some buy beer for relatives because of shame…usadye

· Some do traditional ceremonies for shame of refusing their elders…Bible says, “Obey your parents in the Lord.”…usadye.


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