MUST READ: Did You Know That Money Is Spiritual? Forget Critics And Move

When a pastor mentions money, Christians see money as very evil…yet everyone wants more of this evil thing. Many Christians are very poor because the church has vilified money.

God or Money?

When it comes to be worshipped God has no problem with the devil but with money. Matthew 6:24 hints us that you cannot serve two masters: God and Mammon. Why? Because money is spiritual and can be an object of worship. An excellent example is how Aaron and Moses took the money which God had given them and made it into an idol to worship. Money is spiritual! 

By Bishop Pride Sibiya

Money Is Spiritual

Judas walked with God on earth but was separated from Him because of money. For the love of money he: stole from the bag, he despised the oiling of Jesus by the woman, he sold Jesus…not directly because of satan. He did not leave Jesus because he loved satan but because he loved money. When the 12 were sent he had actually cast out devils.

Money is a greater threat to God’s worship than satan because it is a god on itself. No wonder why he says, “The love of money is the root of all evil.”

He says, “all who desire to be rich, get themselves into divers temptations…”  The enemy of the Christian faith is not money...It is the love of money!

Your money is your strength

When Adam and Eve fell God said that Adam would sweat to get bread. Sweat symbolizes your strength and energy. Bread also contains carbohydrate to produce more strength. Money is gotten by sweating and when you give someone your money you are giving them your strength, your energy, yourself. Money is spiritual!

When you give your money to God you are actually submitting your strength to God. You will also be forcing the spirit, the god behind the money, Mammon, to bow before God. Use your money to worship your God, not your God to worship your money!

Of witches, witchdoctors, priests and money

Witches have understood the dynamics of money and no wonder why they want you to give them money. They know by so doing you have surrendered your strength to them. If they cannot do that, they would rather give you’re their own so as to seed into whatever you have and take it all. This is the reason why our parents ask us not to receive or give certain people our money because money is spiritual!

The same happens with the priests of God. When you give to the ministry of God you are submitting yourself to God almighty in your spirit. You become a breeding ground for the blessing of God just as you were breeding ground for curses when you seeded to the witches.

Have you ever been to a witchdoctor? The evil spirits of the witchdoctor will not perform any work until you put money into the tray. This is a spiritual truth and principle that they have learnt: you cannot take anything from them without a medium of exchange. This they get from the principle of God: “they shall not appear before the Lord empty!” (Deuteronomy 16:16)

The law is: if you appear before the Lord empty, you will depart empty…what you sow is what you reap!

But can’t I just seed with my heart and God accepts that? It is possible if you sincerely have nothing in your life. God is concerned about your money not because He wants your money but your spirit instead (Matthew 6:21).

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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