Mega Church Files: The Process Of Bringing A Person To Christ

Never give up when one you preach to do not respond, the Word is the seed and it takes time to mature to harvest. We must be wary of these processes which take place in the life of a person in their journey to come to church (this I call the Commitment Ladder): 

By Bishop Pride Sibiya

Anouya Annette and Bishop Pride Sibiya

1. Awareness of a people group who worship God by flier, tape video/audio, advert or friend.

2. Total disinterest, asking meaningless questions

3. Contact: with a Christian friend, neighbour, church group.

4. Friendship/relationship

5. Awareness of the Gospel

6. Interest to discover more, through attraction by different ways including acts of kindness.

7. Hearing, message asking meaningful questions, and receiving answers (N.B not arguing. Arguing never leads any person to Christ; rather it exposes weaknesses of the saint) which produces a commitment to the Word.

8. Going to church(perhaps comes earlier)

9. Making a church commitment

NB it is important to know that the process should be kept ongoing. Many think that without this process a gospel crusade will “force” people to come to church. The big events are just harvest events of an ongoing process. Real unbelievers are never at revivals or crusades.

It is funny how people come to crusades and attend then leave as soon as the evangelist leaves. They love the evangelist but our churches have not been prepared to receive them. Crusades and revivals only help for people who are from point number 3 and especially those from point number 6. If we do not take them to that point before the Revival/Crusade then the event will not help anything. You will have 300 names for those who have come to Christ and retain only 5 of these!

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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