3 Types Of Housemaids That Can Ruin Your Marriage

Having a house girl is something that is very necessary especially if you are a working class man or woman. 

You probably don't have time to do the laundry or clean their utensils. You may not have time to clean the house and take care of certain needs of your children. The house girl you've employed can just help you do those stuff.

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When it comes to hiring a house girl, there is a sacred institution is always be put to test: the institution of marriage. It is undeniable that as married woman, the kind of a house girl you employ can sustain or destroy your marriage. She's a woman like you and you've got to be careful since you will have to stay with her in your house.

Don't get me wrong! There are bad and good house girls in equal measure, just as there are good and bad people. I am simply communicating that some house girls are endowed with certain qualities that can put your marriage to trial and eventually destroy it.
3 Types Of Housemaids That Can Ruin Your Marriage
3 Types Of Housemaids That Can Ruin Your Marriage

Many will agree that even if a girl is humble, respectful and honest and having all the positive qualities that is required of a house girl, there are some natural characteristics she may be endowed with that may easily ruin your marriage. They include the following:

a) The voluptuous types

God has endowed some women with natural allowances, informally referred to as the "behind." To some men this is a great snare and whether you like it or not, your husband may be easily attracted to her and this would ruin your marriage. Just make sure to know what can easily snare your husband and put all measures against it.

b) House girls who are accustomed to wearing "brief" attires

Luck is not on the side of men as most modern women are fond of adorning themselves with the brief clothings. Such clothings barely reach the knee. Men have learnt to cope up with this. However, in situations where such a girl stays in your house, just remember that your husband is human and not made of stone. He will easily yield to her seductive influences and hence ruin your marriage.

c) The house girl talented in seductive speech and pampering.

As a woman you won't stay in your house 24 hours a day 7 days a week! You love to go to work, or the market place or elsewhere. Your house girl may have to be alone with your husband in the house at one point. If she is skilled in verbal seduction and pampering, she may influence your husband with her seductive skills. Just be sure to protect your husband in whichever way you can.

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