What Attracts Married Men To House-Helps.

Have you wondered what attract Ogas to their housemaids who in some cases are dirty, unkept and disgusting? 

Why will the Oga not be contented with his beautifully endowed, nice smelling and sophisticated wife?
Men adore service. The roles the maid play attracts the man. His heart naturally goes out to her and her loyalty charms him. This attribute of service makes the maid so attractive. The maid is subservient and loyal. She is a lowly servant girl that has to do everything the Oga says without mistake and argument. But the wife has to argue and disagree on certain things because they are partners in marriage

When it comes to sex some wives may give excuses of being exhausted after the day's job but the maid sees having sex with her Oga as a privilege which she must utilize and the Oga perceives that the maid may not object to his sexual advances.

The wives may not give their bodies wastefully to their husbands as they want but the maids especially opportunists will eagerly give the men overdose of what they want.
What Attracts Married Men To House-Helps.
What Attracts Married Men To House-Helps. 

Maids often come from poor and troubled background so they find solace, comfort and financial advantage in sleeping with the Oga and move up in status if she succeeds. Some girls have turned from housemaids to Oga's wives because they cleverly manipulated the Oga who could not control his libido.

Some wives have done their best to make their husbands faithful all to no avail. Beauty, commitment and faithfulness will not make a man faithful. It is only the fear of God that keeps a couple faithful to each other.

Some men are curious. They look at the maid and their imagination widen. Variety is the spice of life. Some men get tired of sleeping with the same woman and want variety. This is why they take advantage of needy women who approach them for favours.

Some maids have well formed voluptuous body due to the steady work they do. It is funny how men notice their endowments in their big and flowing wears.

When the wife maltreats the maid, the husband may want to intervene especially a light hearted man that sees the efforts of the poor maid. In some cases while trying to save her from the harshness of the madam may pick strange interest in her. Gradually he will start caring for her just to make her feel better and have a sense of belonging. As the madams beat the maid daily, Oga will sodomise her at night. This he does in a bid to comfort her.

Some madams allow their maids to sleep in the parlour or corridor, making the Oga to catch a glimpse of what will tempt him.

Is it better to do without the maid?

It is a necessary evil. A woman considers a maid when she is overwhelmed with domestic chores, office work, conjugal duties and caring for the kids. Having a maid is risky, living without a maid is tasking. A maid is capable of killing, stealing, molesting one's kids, exposing them to danger and setting the house ablaze.

If you must get get a maid you have to find out her sexual history. You know what happens when you hire a retired prostitute to be your maid. You don't just ask someone to get you anyone from anyway. A demon possessed maid can ruin a home.

If your husband likes busty and plumpy women don't hire that type of woman. Don't allow the maid to cook or serve your husband. Let her do everything except serving him and washing his under wears.

Don't abandon your kids to the care of the maid, she may misdirect them.

Spend quality time with your kids and hubby.

May God heal our homes. Amen

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