This Is A Wake-Up Call: The Woman Who Was Divorced For Having Girl Children

I was happily married and honestly, l felt like I was going to enjoy every minute of my marriage.

I even had a traditional marriage of the payment of lobola and a big church white wedding.

Our first child was a girl - we were very happy - we named her Tafadzwa...(we were both very happy) My husband and I.

Two years later l had another baby and this was when my husband started changing... coming home late and even giving excuses for not eating at home. Our policy in the home was to have supper together...

I had another baby GIRL

UMMMM my husband admitted openly that he expected a boy.

He never liked that child. I cried so much and even named the girl
Gamuchirai. (Meaning just accept any ..)

I loved both my children the same and unfortunately, l did not go very far with education. I was a housewife.

So l started asking my siblings for money to order freezits to sell. We were staying in Dzivarasekwa one of the high-density suburbs in Harare- Zimbabwe.

So selling the freezits made me have a bit of extra income even to buy vegetables or bread for my family.
The Woman Who Was Divorced For Having Girl Children
The Woman Who Was Divorced For Having Girl Children

I started going to church and fortunately, we were taught to have a small garden and not buy vegetables.

My husband was drifting away slowly.

At times he would just come like twice a week.

After 3 years l was pregnant again and l blamed myself as my husband was cheating... But l could not point exactly who the culprit was.

I did not even get a cent for buying preparation for the baby.

I started selling vegetables, popcorn and lots of other paraphernalia.

Life was very hard as my elder child was now going to school. Imagine l was heavily pregnant and yet l had to fend for them and myself too. I could not even afford a maid...

But praise God the ladies from church started to come over to help with laundry, the house chores and even to comfort me as l was pregnant always sick, depressed and had to sell a lot of items to keep the children fed and pay for fees.

I gave birth to...

Yet another girl ...

Imagine l cried so much that the nurses even had to give me a bit of a lecture...

"Do you know that other women are suffering from not even one child.…if l were you l would give this child a name Blessing and thank God for her life"

I named her Blessings and from that time l loved my 3 girls.

My husband had to openly declare that he was leaving and never should l look for him. He even said
"Call yourself lucky l am leaving this house to you and your prostitutes!"

He left and I never heard from him for almost 23 years...

I joined another interdenominational gathering for ladies and this is where my life transformed.

We would meet as single ladies from all walks of life
Middle class
All sorts

But the common denominator was that we would all meet and pray in Jesus' name after hearing the word from the Bible and a lot of other testimonies from other ladies.

I started working very hard to get my children a good education.

I was taught to rely solely on God and not sleep around looking for school fees or food...

As l speak in 2020 all my 3 daughters are

1. Tafadzwa a medical doctor from UZ - the University of Zimbabwe married (white wedding) to a Professor in the Healthcare. They have two bouncing children a boy and a girl.

2. Gamuchirai a Chartered Account also from University of Zimbabwe
Married (white wedding) to a lawyer blessed with a baby boy last year. 2019

3. Blessings completed her degree in Agri-business at Midlands State University in Gweru and got a scholarship last year in December to go to Canada.

Imagine l am now a grandma

God is so faithful.

My second son in law bought a house for me - Happy Mother's Day last year and l am now living in Mount Pleasant. O can't even write all it would be a novel...

But the long and short l just want to encourage all mothers is

1. Be there for your children even if the father decides otherwise.

2. Always teach your children to depend on God no matter what they go through.

3. Do not tell your children anything negative about their father!!! It is their father no matter what.

4. Even if the father does not come or pay anything for the children - when the children get married call him if you know where he is...
( My husband cried so bitterly when my elder daughter got married, he even refused to take the money - lobola) He put it in an envelope and send someone to give it back to me as his apologies...

When the second girl Gamu was getting married he did the same thing and l send the messenger back to him that's when he started calling and saying l can see you are serving a living God.

He is now bedridden and very sick but we go and visit him with all the girls when they also come.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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