Must Read: What Married Women Secretly Want

A married woman is basically someone who is married to a man legally, irrespective of whether they have a child or not. 

A married woman is assumed to be supposedly faithful to her husband. Of recent, there have been numerous debates on what really makes a married woman stick to her husband or what makes a married woman cheat on her husband because of another man outside of the marriage. So here are some important points to really take note of:

1. THEY LOVE WHEN YOU CALL THEM BEAUTIFUL; This is actually a yes for anyone irrespective of whatever position she finds herself, every woman loves it when their man calls them beautiful.
Must Read: What Married Women Secretly Want
Must Read: What Married Women Secretly Want

2. WHEN THEIR PARTNER GIVES OFF POSITIVE VIBES; Every woman loves being around wherever and whoever gives off positive vibes, basically positive vibes make them comfortable to be around their partner which also makes them express themselves properly which is really important.

3. WHEN THEIR EFFORTS ARE PRAISED; A man who regularly praises the effort of his wife or partner will definitely have his wife all over him, a problem is programmed naturally to be praised, so whenever they get praised they feel very elated.

4. WHEN THEIR PARTNER GIVES A LISTENING EAR; Giving a listening ear to whatever one has to say is really a rare quality because most times people tend not to get interested in whatever someone is saying especially when it doesn't help them or profit them, hence giving a listening ear to any woman makes the woman really close to you.

5. UNPREDICTABILITY; Most times very few persons will say they are unpredictable, but honestly, it is really a good thing when it comes to being unpredictable in a relationship especially when it comes to women because they get serious and extremely excited when they get to know that they can't really predict their partners.

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