Marital delay is real. This is one of the weapons the devil uses to tie down marriageable singles unnecessarily! I know that God has anointed me in this area to bring deliverance to God's people.

By Bishop Pride Sibiya

Marital delay is one of the prevalent problems among singles around the world today. It has become a global phenomenon that gives parents, pastors, relatives, church members, and marriage counselors a serious concern.
Must Read: Break That Yoke Of Marital Delay And Get Married Gloriously
Must Read: Break That Yoke Of Marital Delay And Get Married Gloriously

It is not the will of God for His children to marry late. God wants you to get marry at the right time and enjoy all the benefits of marriage.

Are you experiencing disappointment?

Only married men ask your hand in marriage?

No suitors at all?

Constant heartbreaks?

Ladies don't get married in your family?

You are very beautiful but nobody is asking you out?

Are you in a relationship, but still experiencing any form of delay to tie the knot?

Are you confused and don't know who to choose?

What are the hidden causes of marital delay? Etc.
Must Read: Break That Yoke Of Marital Delay And Get Married Gloriously
Must Read: Break That Yoke Of Marital Delay And Get Married Gloriously

I felt I was getting old and I didn't have a girl in my life. The hardest part was that I was not looking for a girlfriend, I was looking for a mother of nations, a pillar that would provide a sure shoulder to lean on in the ministry. I set myself aside and started having all-night prayers all by myself for many nights till I saw her very clearly in the spirit. I was worried why I was the one just praying so I asked God to make it a point that as I spend the night in prayer, she too would be kept awake, praying. From that ney weekend, it started happening and she saw angels with my face and saw me in visions and dreams. My case had been invaded by the supernatural hand of God and angelic ministry.

Now listen, if you're single in this group or if you don't enjoy the way your marriage is, I prophesy to you this evening whatever thing that stops you from locating your right choice God will surely put them to shame in Jesus mighty name.

Congratulations! Singles that are experiencing delay can now have a sigh of relief because help has come. You are next!

Join the Bishop and Mama in prayer now!


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