Married Couples That Stay With Parents! LEAVE: Why?


1. The first biblical instruction for, marriage is to leave parents.

2. Every woman has a clear vision and a management system for her own house which cannot be implemented in another woman's house.

3. Cleaving, bonding, and Oneness do not take place in a crowded environment.

4. The husband cannot exercise his Headship authority because already there is one under the roof he stays.

5. You have to make independent decisions without parental influence.
Married Couples That Stay With Parents! LEAVE: Why?
Married Couples That Stay With Parents! LEAVE: Why?

6. Fulfilling sexual intimacy can only be achieved secretly.

7. You have to learn and understand your spouse, not the whole clan.

8. To enjoy the freedom of nakedness.

9. It's difficult to measure your growth and progress as a couple under the roof of your parents.

10. You will always remain a baby in the eyes of your parents and that's not healthy.

11. Chances are that as a couple you will always build backward more than you will do forward. e.g, extending a parent's house before you buy/build your own stand or property.

12. The danger of prioritizing your parents, siblings, and relatives' opinions more than that of your spouse.

13. Quarrels and misunderstandings between your parents and your spouse can be complicated and taint relations.

14. The challenge of having to always choose between parents and spouse especially from issues of conflict.

15. It's practically impossible for a wife to submit to her own husband, but will then have to submit to all persons and animals in that compound. Kkkkkkk

16. There are a high micro-management and surveillance of your spouse.

17. It is difficult to surprise your spouse or be spontaneous.

18. Everything you want to do, you have to request permission.

19. Bumping in your in-laws at 3am in the corridor going to the toilet.

20. You can only make love in your bedroom and not anywhere else.

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