How Demons Control People

The Bible says don't give place to the devil and this speaks to everyone. That means people are capable of giving a place to the devil. 

It's interesting when Jesus talked about Satan, he says one of the first characteristics of Satan is that he comes to steal. As the thief, he remains anonymous, as the thief his goal is not to stay but to steal.

Satan also comes to kill, that's when the demonic oppression and demonic possession comes in, but the first strategy of Satan if he cannot possess you and oppress you & torment you, he wants to sneak in, take stuff and leave. That's why sometimes you will sense that something is wrong in your life. Do you know what's missing? It's whatever satan took. How did he take it? It's because there was an open door.

The Bible gives us at least 10 different windows demons can use to enter your personal life and your soul, and I want to mention them today. So that if you're noticing something missing in your life, you can double-check if a part of your life is open to demonic influence or not. One of the reasons we don't sin as Christians is not just so we stay away from jail and hellfire. The reason why we don't sin as Christians is so that Satan stays away from us. Even if there is no heaven, hell, or eternity, I would still not want to sin, because I don't wanna have a thief in my life.
How Demons Control People
How Demons Control People

Find below 9 ways demons enter people:

1. Disrespect for parents
The Bible boldly indicates that contempt for your parents is an open door for a curse. You can mark my words. No one who dishonors their parents will have a blessed life. You can have a Ph.D. in dishonoring your parents but not a blessing instead it'll be a curse on your life.

You may say that's in the Old Testament and everything, but it's all over the Bible where disrespect for your parents is an open door for the devil. He might not oppress you and possess you, but he will take things from your life.

2. Injustice to the weak and helpless
This is when you hurt the needy or people who are weak. I believe that if you commit abortion, you will open the door to the demonic.

God can forgive you but you need to renounce that, and you need to find freedom and reinforce your life by never doing it again. Because it's a murder, it's hurting someone weak and helpless and that is an open door for the demonic.

3. Illicit and natural sex or incest
It's when people participate in sex that is not natural or illicit. And the Bible mentions things like sleeping with your mother or sleeping with your sister or sleeping with the things that are just unnatural and things that are illicit and especially having physical relationships with animals.

4. Anti-semitism
If you notice that in your family or even in yourself that you have this contempt or you have this hate toward the Jews or disrespect for the Jews, I truly believe that you need to double-check how you became a Christian.

Because every author of a Christian book is Jewish, your savior is Jewish, he was born to a Jewish people, and he's coming back not to America, New York, or Washington DC, he's coming back to Jerusalem.

And the Bible says the whole history is gonna be around that nation and so you might not be part of the nation, you might not understand that nation, but you need to have a deep respect for that nation. Because that brings the blessing of God in your life.

5. Accursed things
It's when you and I invite things into our house that have been dedicated to Satan and demons in the form of charms, in the form of dream catchers, in the form of things that have been described by the Bible as abominable or cursed.

They've been dedicated to Satan and demons. If you bring them, especially objects that you pick up on your traveling or you pick up things that have been accursed, they can bring sickness, they can bring disease and they bring nightmares and other attacks of Satan in your life.

Sometimes, there are accursed places. The places that somebody committed suicide or places where a murder happened, could become hunted. Demons get locked in such places, and anyone who moves in there is tormented by them.

For us as Christians, it's very easy, if you have ownership of that place, just get anointing oil or anointing water and sprinkle it all over that place and you tell the devil you're not paying the bills here, so get out! And that's it. You just take authority over that property and you live for the glory of God.

6. Stealing and perjury
When reading Zachariah chapter 5 verse 4, where God says; a person who steals will have a curse under the house and that the frame of their house is gonna fall apart.

It's crazy how stealing, perjury, taking stuff that's not yours destroy your finances, your retirement, and everything that you have and it's an open door.

If you steal whether it's cyber stealing, shoplifting, or whether it is just taking things from people that you did not earn, you must understand that it is an open door for demons to enter. He might not possess you or torment you but he will take the opportunity to steal things from you and God doesn't want it to happen.


Follow the standards of God's Word. God's laws were expected to be gainful to man, Obedience to them produces satisfaction, prosperity, and genuine peace.

It is good to know about the presence of demons and the truth about demonic impact and ownership, but don't get distracted with them. Not all unusual events have a demonic origin. Expecting demonic activity where none exists is more hurtful than helpful.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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