Different Types Of Spiritual Husbands/Wives.

1. Resident Spirit Husband and Wife – They make love to you and then they go, but come back every night.

By John Museredzo

2. Physical Spirit Husband and Wife – They go anywhere you go with you as monitoring spirits and they block favour from reaching you or your spouse. They are jealous of your spouse and seek to harm them.

3. Territorial Spirit Husband and Wife – They are in the area where you live.

4. Hermaphrodite Spirit Husband and Wife – They sleep with both husband and wife.

5. Hidden Spirit Husband and Wife – They do not make love with anybody, but they just go around causing sicknesses and withholding breakthroughs.
Different Types Of Spiritual Husbands/Wives.
Different Types Of Spiritual Husbands/Wives.

6. Masquerading Spirit Husband and Wife – They will use the face of your husband or your wife or someone they know you can’t resist. (That is why it is not good to lust after somebody. They will use the face of that person)

7. Multiple Spirit Husband and Wife – Once one has found its way to you, they go and bring other demon spirits to have sex with you like a gang rape. This brings convulted problems that you cannot even explain.

8. Incestous Spirit Husband and Wife – When you have demonic parents, and they go and marry you spiritually with the aim of tapping into and draining your glory. This happens to children of men and women involved in demonic activities eg Witchcraft, Occult Masonic societies.

9. Transferred Spirit Husband and Wife – This happens when you are using someone’s things like, soap, sponge, clothes, shoes. The spirit is transferred to you by contact with the property of the former victim.

10. Woman Astral Spirit Husband – Use of occultic and astral powers to project to you. Someone will decide somewhere to have spiritual sex with you and they will carry out rituals to do it.

11. Leviathan Spirit Husband and Wife – The most senior in power. It operates thru marine activites and is very stubborn to get rid of.

12. Serpentine Spirit Husband and Wife – It operates through snake spirit and can be very vicious.

13. Imagination Spirit Husband and Wife – You are never sure the sex in the dream occurred. When you wake up you begin to question yourself

14. Animal Spirit Husband and Wife – This spirit huband or wife uses animals to attack thru sex in the dream. Like you are having sex with an animal. Very difficult to resist.

15. Ancestral Spirit Husband and Wife – This is inherited from your parents or ancestors. It is passed down thru the generations and operates like a familial spirit.

16. Bloodline Spirit Husband and Wife - In the bloodline just to frustrate marriages.

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