Bedroom Talk: Se* Differences With Age, Personalities and Pictorial Styles

Interesting discussion on why a married couple varies in their need of se* and how to solve this.

As bishop and mama discuss you will understand how your personality, age, the background can affect the way you do things in your bedroom. The talk will help you embrace yourselves and enjoy your bedroom life. It even has a bonus of a pictorial collage of 18 se* positions.

By Bishop Pride Sibiya

Did you know that the fact that you are born with different personalities makes the two of you different? Apostle Pride Sibiya has taught on the 4 main different personalities:

Phlegmatic and
Se* Differences With Age, Personalities and Pictorial Styles
Se* Differences With Age, Personalities and Pictorial Styles

These are natural phenomena which make you either be more on the side of being talkative, talking loudly, shouty, quiet and calculative, argumentative, more susceptible to cheat, unorganized, and so on. This the Apostle explains in 4 distinct teachings but makes refernce to show how these can make two-lovebirds unsatisfed by their bedroom life if they are not taught.

The issue of age also take centre-stage. Do you know that when people get married, earlier in life, men are usually at their se*ual peak and therefore have a different level of emotional pressure in that area. Conversely, later in life women, also, reach their peak and men become the hunted. This has caused a lot of cheating in marriages and if pastors and counsellors do not teach these dynamics to couples many marriages will fail.

I hope the little article I have written you will help sustain your marriage. However, I also invite you to please click the link and watch the whole teaching with your spouse and get the great bedroom skills that will be broadcast on comic, cartoon pictorial style as you watch the video.

Check The Video For 18 Illustrated Styles

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