What African Leaders Must Learn From Boris Johnson And Covid-19

There are great lessons we must learn from the self-isolation and hospitalisation of Boris Johnson the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

We have to take note of the fact that everything that was happening around his illness got reported by the British media virtually every hour. The world was told when he received oxygen, moved into intensive care, and back to the ward. 

We all knew and watched on Television and on Social Media when he was about to leave the hospital. Our prayers were with him throughout. 

Johnson will resume his position as Prime Minister upon fully recovering from his illness. He has been full of praise for the doctors and nurses that treated him in the London hospital, as well as the British people who wished him well during his ordeal. 

He singled out two nurses who maintained 48 hours vigil by his bedside and, among others, saved him from premature death. 

What African Leaders Must Learn From Boris Johnson And COVID-19:

1. The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson contracted the novel coronavirus in the line of duty. (Leadership)

2. Even at that, he continued to discharge his duty from his self-isolation centre. (Commitment)
What African Leaders Must Learn From Boris Johnson And Covid-19
What African Leaders Must Learn From Boris Johnson And Covid-19

3. When his situation became worse and he couldn't carry on any longer, the British Foreign Secretary (Dominic Raab) stepped in for him. (Structure)

4. He was not taken abroad for treatment. (System)

5. He is being treated at St Thomas Hospital right there in London. (Patriotism.)

6. The hospital is a public hospital where anyone can walk in and be treated. (Equality.)

7.  The media has been giving the world constant updates about his health. (Transparency)

8. The opposition party is also wishing him well because he has shown great leadership. (Country First)

9. When he was moved to the intensive care unit of the hospital, it wasn't shrouded in secrecy. (Accountability)

In conclusion: Leadership is not about the leader. It is about the people. Until Africans understand this, they will continue to rule (and be ruled) rather than lead (and Be Led).

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