SHOCKER: Never Heard A Bishop Talk Like This: Great Wisdom

For starters let me say I sat under one Government minister and he retorted that about 8% on the world really think deeply, about 12% think that they should think and the rest would rather die than think!

By Bishop Apostle Pride Sibiya
(Glory Ministries).

I have realized that, as an example, a full-time farmer can actually be successful making use of 15% of his innovative mindset. So even those who think may not be maximizing on their innovative capabilities

My basic premise, therefore, is that thinking is by far one of the hardest things
Let me prove: why do the one in the executive, the planner and the one in the office get a big office, fridge, sofas in addition to chairs, school fees, great holidays, air conditioners and many things in addition to a handsome end of the month perk whilst the one who digs the trench he'd have planned gets nothing compared to this?
Simple! Thinking is harder than digging trenches.

Thinkers get paid more! This is because thinkers are a rare species!

Ladies and gentleman the mind was not created by Satan but by God.
SHOCKER: Never Heard A Bishop Talk Like This: Great Wisdom
SHOCKER: Never Heard A Bishop Talk Like This: Great Wisdom

We should not budget our thinking coz our mind never depletes, it gets stronger as we exercise it just like any other muscle in your body!!!

Your mind is a great blessing that God has given you to exercise Dominion on the earth.

What is dangerous is the carnal mind but the regenerate mind, the mind of Christ must lead us into great prosperity
Without thinking, we are not going anywhere even if we pray and jump in holy joy shouting I receive daily.

PRAYER IS NOT THE MASTER-KEY. A MASTER-KEY is a key that opens ALL doors. There is nothing like that.

Prayer does not open all doors, it is one of the keys, not the MASTER-KEY.

Prayer does not generate wealth, does not build a house, or marry a girl. Prayer aligns us to the purposes of God so that we may begin to prosper, blesses a hose, and marriage... That door of houses is opened by money. How do we get the money, Proverbs is clear a house is built by wisdom, knowledge, and understanding!

Prayer is critical, don't get me wrong. We cannot do without prayer but afterward let us think!
Everything you see today, even the phone you are reading this from is a result of someone who thought.

Everything starts from the realm of thought.

Someone saw a chair, a dress, a color, a phone, a T. V, an airplane by the EYE OF THEIR MIND before everyone else saw it.

By thinking you become like God who creates. Remember we are made in the image and likeness of God and like God, we call the things that are not as though they are.
"He anoints my head with oil, my cup runneth over," the Psalmist says.

If you want overflow in your life, finances and all ask God to anoint your head, dehenya, not hands.

The principle is: if your thought-pattern is anointed, naturally your cup runs over.

Conversely, if your head is empty, your cup is also empty.

Your situation today is as a result of your mind. You are what you are today in proportion to your wisdom or lack of it!

Let me finish my talk by this.

In the early 80s learning at a multiracial school, my parents would tell the House-Helps to always lock us inside if the fenced property. I also wanted to play with others and so I would try the gate to see if I can fit. I discovered a principle: if your head can fit through any opening, no matter how big your body is you will go through. If the head goes through, all of you will go through!

The body always follows where the body goes. You are here online on because you saw an advert and came here first in your mind and now your body has followed.

No wonder why when you fight against the devil the serpent, crush HIS HEAD, remember of all the animals in the garden he is the MOST SUBTLE!

When you deal with the head you deal with everything else.

Today though Africans are allowed political freedom by the West they are still colonized in their mind hence there is no real freedom. To lose a donkey from the chain yet keep it thinking there is still a chain is the greatest COLONISATION

Eish, guys for today, I rest my case.

Let us think!

1. Travel... Physically, mentally or through reading.

Look at what other people near or far are doing. *If you do not travel you will marry your sister thinking that there are no ladies out there.*

So research a lot.

2. Ask the Holy Ghost to help you think like Jesus.

3. James says if any think he lacks wisdom let him ask and God will grant it.

4. Stay around great thinkers
The principle is G. I. G. O... Garbage In, Garbage Out.

Faith comes by hearing, so does fear!!!

Stay in the Word, always be under positive preaching, ask for help from your spiritual covering, get mentors, read, study, visit, and allow your mind to think wildly... As wild as is possible. Do not confine your mind to the status quo!

Ya, guys, let us learn the art of just thinking. Spend time just doing that.

I was dining with Nigel Chanakira at my house and he said, I think. I wake up early morning and spend an hour just thinking.

Please do.

The Holy Spirit is working in us to bring us to our present destinies and our desired ends.

Bless you, with the blessing of Abraham.

I love you all!

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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