These qualities are seen in the Pastoral Epistles which every leader must start off by putting emphasis on these books apart from the general whole Bible. 

The Pastoral letters are 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus.

Written By Bishop Pride Sibiya

Qualities of Overseers and Deacons:

1. Monogamous: Husband /wife of one spouse and serial monogamy is seriously monogamy.

2. Temperate: Moderate and sober-minded.

3. Self-control: We should not be driven by instinct-like character animals e.g. cat and rat. You should rule over instinct.

4. Should be respectable: Appearance, actions.

5. Hospitable (from hospital which is the root of hospitality): Should sympathise and be welcoming.

6. Understands doctrine.

7. Able teacher.
Qualities Required For Above-Reproach Christian Leaders
Qualities Required For Above-Reproach Christian Leaders
8. Gentle.

9. Not a lover of money and dishonest gain. Avoid illegal deals.

10. Mature in faith: Not easily blown to and fro by every wind of doctrine.

11. Good reputation outside the church.

12. Sincere but right: Honest and faithful.
13. Good family manager.

14. Women and their wives must be virtuous.

15. Not overbearing: Disciplined and humble. 

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