MUST READ: How Do I Choose A Life-Partner?

Question: What do you consider when choosing a life partner?

By Bishop pride Sibiya

1. Find/Discover yourself

Before you find a life partner find yourself first. We are all born with different DNAs that are your personality, either being talkative, quiet, outgoing, etc. are you a sanguine, melancholic, phlegmatic, or choleric.

What personality are you do you function from the right side or the left side of the brain. Usually, we are bound to marry people who are opposite from us, just like in electricity, unlike poles attract.

2. Discover God

Because God is the source, every good thing comes from God. Jesus Christ himself helps you to discover yourself more. Every good gift comes from God, he who finds a wife or a husband finds a good thing and has found favor with God. Houses and inheritance come from parents but a good wife comes from God

Always know that it is not anyone’s responsibility to give you a wife but it is God’s responsibility. So a partner is found through prayer. Pray to God to give you a partner

Break certain barriers in prayer, be serious about prayer
MUST READ: How Do I Choose A Life-Partner?
MUST READ: How Do I Choose A Life-Partner?

Ask yourself what kind of a partner you want after having written the list down.

God-fearing (non-negotiable), who loves GOD with all their heart, because if you get married to the devil’s child don’t be surprised if Father-in-Law, devil visits. If he/she cheats or beats you before you are married never think it will stop, HUPENZI HWECHEMBERE HWAKATANGIRA KUMAHUMBWE. Marrying someone who is a cheater or who beats you is not wise and not negotiable. Open up to God, Bishop Sibiya says.

Negotiables are those like dressing properly, who can cook, who has a nice hairline. Usually, people miss partners that God has put in their lives because of these very small things that can be changed. THEY LOSE LIFE PARTNERS BECAUSE OF NEGOTIABLES!

Do not bring personality issues, like the person is too talkative, and I'm not, of which that personality might be the one that compliments you because you don’t talk too much. DONT LOSE A LIFE PARTNER BECAUSE OF DIFFERENCES IN PERSONALITIES WHICH ARE INBORN UNLESS THEY BECOME TOO DIVERGENT!

3. Physical appearance

God created us with different physic, physical appearance can really hit you on first glance, brown skin, yellow born, tall, short, muscular, slim, smile. CHOOSE SOMEONE WHOM YOU ARE PHYSICALLY ATTRACTED TO! Love someone because they are appealing to you not because you feel pity for them.

However, before you make any move, on that physically attractive person, ask yourself if you will be able to live with that person if they lose that six-pack, get a leg amputated, lose their teeth, get disfigured, lose "that body" or "sitters?" If you cannot, you are not ready to marry that person. This thing is, for better, for worse!

4. Check whether the person lives by a "WELL."

In the Bible, you will realize that all the fathers of Israel Abraham, Isaac, Jacob they got their wives by the well.

Well symbolizes the church, church determines how the person lives their lives, church molds the person’s character. Check out the church and its beliefs and also if your guy is REALLY a "well" person or just a fake! Sorry!

5. Look at practical things

Nationality, race (if you will be able to contain the racial disturbances), educational level, economic levels, age difference. These things can affect marriage later on.

Check on their family because family and its values has a big bearing on what your "better-half" will be like in life.

Check on the person's past. Look at how they grew up, where, their friends, past loves, and all.

One of the greatest areas of practicality to look at is the economic issue. It's not really about money but about vision. The poorest man on earth is not the lad without money but the one without a vision. Get someone who has a vision that will support you in life, LOVE DOES NOT PAY BILLS!

6. Health issues

Go for blood tests together and make an informed decision. Also consider checking your blood types, chemical make-ups to determine whether you are compatible chemically to have healthy babies.

7. Inform your Pastor before you get in a relationship.

Guess what, I am praying for you to find grace in the area of love, relationships, and marriage. Follow my page and speak to me, if you are believing God for this.

I am writing you another book on this!

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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