MUST READ: Dreams And Interpretations

1. Stagnant water… when you see stagnant water in the dream, this represents a lack of the moving of the Holy Spirit in your life. It also means a lack of progress. You need to review your spiritual life and pray against the spirit of lukewarmness.

2. Dirty water… represents the flesh and spiritual dirtiness.

3. Hair – represents the glory of God. If you find your hair removed or shaved in the dream, you should address it aggressively. It means your glory has been spiritually withdrawn.

4. Begging – this is a plan of the devil to prevent the person from getting out of poverty or the unemployed state.
5. Traveling on an endless journey. The person is engaged in unprofitable endeavors.

6. Being driven by unknown
persons to an unknown destination – this represents a confused and profitless life. Ask the Holy Spirit to unseat all unprofitable drivers and make His way plain for you.

7. Doors closing before you enter – this represents the spirit of “almost there”. You need to begin serious praying against blockages at the edge of miracles

8. The following dreams indicate that one is under the attack of the spirit of poverty:
- spending money lavishly
- seeing yourself buying things especially after a financial breakthrough - wearing
rags or tattered shoes
- walking around barefoot
- having products you are not able to sell
- seeing your property being auctioned
- seeing your pocket or purse leaking - lost a substantial amount of money and never found it
- thieves breaking into the house and stealing things
- victim of pickpockets
- seeing rats running about in your house
- seeing rats running into your body
-missing your properties
- your bag or purse containing money is
-having counterfeit money

9. Always sitting for examinations and never finishing before time is up – demonic stagnancy, frustration, and discouragement. Declare war on ungodly delays and command success into your handwork.

10. All the under-listed dreams are dreams of defeat and backsliding. They should be addressed by prayer and fasting.
-death or being buried
-consulting with psychics, mediums, diviners
- stammering
- having cancer or any other disease
- insanity - loss of salvation
-a man getting married to a man (or woman to woman) - weakness toward temptation
- compromising holiness
- drinking alcohol.

Ladies and gentlemen do not fear, declare the Word of the Lord over every negative dream, in Jesus' name.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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