Inspired: Wow, Powerful! Bishop On No More Excuses!

Bishop Pride Sibiya is at the forefront of encouraging people to leave out their fullest potentials. 

He has taught this teaching, motivated by Milton Kamwendo, a number of times that has impacted many lives. Please check these 10 excuses many people hide behind and decide that you will have no other excuse to stop you from prospering in any aspect of your life.

Written by Apostle Pride Sibiya

1. AGE. I am too young/old!

- The devil never allows this excuse to pass you even in church activities e.g. you are called to achieve at whatever age you are at.

- Some people waste time thinking they are too you. When they are past the age they say they are too old.

- Bible: Jeremiah-too young.

- Moses - started his ministry at 80 years

- Jesus - Proved a threat to Herod as a baby, Made headlines in Jerusalem at the age of 12 among grey heads, Started ministry at 30 but made an impact in just 3 years.

- Nigel Chanakira started Kingdom at 26

- Nelson Mandela remarried in old age.

2. EDUCATION. I am under/over-educated

- If you are under-educated it is not too late to go to school especially in Zimbabwe where schooling is everywhere and anytime.
Inspired: Wow, Powerful! Bishop On No More Excuses!
Inspired: Wow, Powerful! Bishop On No More Excuses!
- Do not look down on small beginnings because you are a University graduate.

- Bible: Peter was virtually uneducated but had the apostolic authority and anointing.

- Ezekiel Guti, Mensah Otabil,


We are from a poor background

- Bible: Jephthah was born to a harlot yet became a judge of Israel

- Be discontent with your past

4. TIME.

- I do not have time to do it, or even to come to church…I will never do it, it is too late.

- Henry Ford: you cannot build a reputation on what you will do

- Identify the things which give you the highest returns and follow those, procrastination is the thief of time.

- Every beggar has no watch. Colossians 4:5


- I am not married, I am married. Everything in life is an excuse if you want to use it

- Bible: Isaiah married to a prophetess, he did well. He is a major prophet.

- Ezekiel was a single parent, he did well. He is a major prophet.
- Jeremiah was not married, even Paul. He says those married should live as though not! (1 Cor 7:29-35). Ezekiel is a major prophet, Paul is the greatest Apostle.


- If I had the money, I would, I need capital

- The Word of God is your capital

- Where there is a vision, the provision will follow

- The little you have is sufficient to start

- Nigel Chanakira started with Z$32 000

7. BUSY.

- Some people just imagine that they are busy.

- Check if you are not bust doing nothing

- Focus on priorities: major the major and minor the minor


- I do not have the experience

- The only way to gain experience is to start doing what you want to get experience in.


- I am too sick to do anything

- Hellen Keller, born deaf dumb and blind but developed herself to a prolific writer. She wrote, “life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” She also wrote, “the only thing than being blind is to have sight but without vision”

- Franklin Roosevelt, the 32nd President of America is the only one to be re-elected for four times yet he ruled America from a wheel-chair after being hit by polio at 39

- Beethoven a legend of classical music is still celebrated today for his compositions yet was deaf

- That you are sick and disabled does not mean you are dead! Give up on doing things, only when you are dead


- Successful people are familiar with failure, are not afraid of it and know each other, only that they refuse to be overcome by failure

- Big shots are small shots that keep firing

- The destruction of a man is not in his fall but in his failure to rise up again.

- Strive Masiiwa failed lots of companies before he hit it with Econet Wireless

- Thomas Edison failed a thousand times before the light bulb came.

- The Wright brothers failed a lot and their father told them off.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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