Bishop Sibiya's Message In The Light Of Prohibition of Meetings Because of Covid-19

To All Glory Ministries Members, Sons and Daughters of Apostle Pride Sibiya:

Greetings sons and daughters

We are aware that we are unable to continue with services even during the time of the commemoration of the greatest event that ever happened to mankind, the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour.

We, however, note that we, as a ministry, will continue pushing our vision through the home and online services. Do not lose focus in this era. Please note the following:

1. We will have a combined online Sunday Service which we ask all to beam on their pages and profiles from either page, Apostle Pride Sibiya or Glory Ministries. This will be between 1000Hrs and 1100Hrs. After this all pastors will be encouraged to also host their services from 12:00Hrs.

2. We are to have family services at home where we share the Word daily, worship and pray. You can get the order of service from the Ministers'Handbook or your leaders.
Bishop Sibiya's Message In The Light Of Prohibition of Meetings Because of Covid-19
3. Please invite friends, SHARE the broadcasts and start watch parties online so that we reach many. Many of us share worldly things, social gossip, comedy and stories of celebrities that will never save people's lives. Everyday from 10:00-15:00hrs we are sending Word videos of different speakers. From 1-4p.m we are doing Live Shows

4. Keep in touch with your congregants/pastors and other members even via social media. Let us love one another and check on one another in this time. Fulfil all responsibilities that you are mandated to e.g check on your pastor's welfare, pay rentals,

5. Receive tithes, offerings and special funds like building and others and send them to your assembly's account or secretary. For those far off we are using the Zimbabwe and South Africa National accounts. Please mention their purpose.

Thank you, sons and daughters, for following through. This challenge shall come to an end soon and I declare that after it none of you maGlory will be missing from our number. I speak the blood of Jesus on you. Amen.

Apostle Pride Sibiya (Bishop: Glory Ministries)
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