18+: Tips On How To Make Your Partner Ask For More

It is fallacious that women do no want s*x. They do, sometimes even more than men, only that for many women NO S*X is better than POOR S*X. 

A poor one is when you are aroused then left half-way by a partner who sleeps off and leaves you suffering through the night with unsettled feelings and hormones crying for an orgasm. VOLUME BHOO HERE LADIES?

These are the tips to help you achieve this:

1. Her weakness: Man have to know the woman's point of weakness. You can determine that by play and stop when you touch her weak point her body system will tell you.

2. Don't rush your self: Always clam down and act as if your mind is not there and work on her body before do the did. most times wait till she tells you by words or body language to move to the next level.
18+: Tips On How To Make Your Partner Ask For More
18+: Tips On How To Make Your Partner Ask For More 
3. Water: This will hold you well after your first move, relax your muscles and drink a cup of water. Then start the second round, she must scream this time around.

4. Style: While doing this and you want to make her enjoy it. Don't concentrate on one style. Make sure you practice many style to use on her. Also, know and practice her favourite style

5. Stop thinking about it: Always know you are a guy, you can use your brain to think about making money or football on her. That will hold you well and make it hard..

6. Increase your power naturally: Below are some foods when single or blended and mixed together, may super-boost your $*x drive and give you the stamina to last longer during $*x: coconut, tiger nut, dates, milk, watermelon, peanuts. Exercise and proper, lengthy and spot-on fore-play are also important.

Believe me, you if you can do the above-listed tips you can do more than you have been doing before.

N.B WISE COUNSEL: Always target to make your wife come first before you!

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