President Emmerson Munangagwa On Zimbabwe's Lock-Down Over Covid-19

Fellow Zimbabweans: To date, Zimbabwe has recorded five cases of Coronavirus, with one tragic death. 

Though our numbers are so far low, COVID-19 is here, and we have observed elsewhere how quickly it can spread. We are therefore taking decisive action NOW, before it is too late.

On Monday (30th March), Zimbabwe will go under a total lockdown for 21 days. All citizens are required to stay at home, with the exception of those seeking health services, buying food, medicine and vital supplies, and those manning our essential services. I know that these measures may seem drastic, and will upset all of our daily lives, but there is no other way.
President Emmerson Munangagwa On Zimbabwe's Lock-Down Over Covid-19
Accurate information is crucial, and I have therefore directed the Ministries of Health and Information to ensure the public are kept informed at all times. We have activated a toll-free hotline, 2019, that you are welcome to call for further information.

To ensure our hospitals are not overwhelmed, additional treatment and isolation units will be established, while COVID-19 testing services will be decentralised to provincial hubs throughout the country.
The task at hand is huge, and requires maximum discipline and support from us all. Let us act in unity, peace and solidarity, and put aside unnecessary divisions. Together, we will prevail.

May God bless you all, and may God bless Zimbabwe.
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