End-Times... Prepare To Meet Your God

The current happenings in our world today has left many rooms for people to start bothering or asking questions like:

1. Where do I go if the world eventually ends today?

2. Others ask of where their eternities would be spent.

Most people have openly declared their intentions about where they intend to spend their eternity by what they profess. Heaven Or Hell.

Consequently, the topsu turvy of this world has beought an utmost and definite suggestion that the world is probably about to be wrapped up with ongoing wars, diseases outbreak, multiple and heinous atrocities been committed just as the Bible predicted.
End-Times... Prepare To Meet Your God
End-Times... Prepare To Meet Your God

Most Men of God have made various or different/divergent proclamations about the coming of Jesus Christ, they declare without any biblical evidence to back them up. Some give specific date, time and even year, these are the false prophets, Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 24 about to be wary of their devices, sayings and the rest of their gimmicks.

Matthew 24, expresses clearly the signs that would permeates the last generation; the Bible did not give any specific period of time that Jesus would eventually come because Jesus Christ himself said,"as for the day or the hour the Son of Man knoweth not". This makes me wonder because if Jesus does not know when he comes, how do these prophets make false ane misleading prophecies.

Off-course, the time is at hand and if truly they are men of God, let them enjoin Christians to retract their ways back to God and leave the evilness of the world alone.

Luke 11,also indicates that many false prophets shall come out enmasse. Today, many pastors, bishops and prophets divulge the truth to please themselves and their members as people are no longer interested in the truth about the word of God. The word of God cuts or pierces through the heart without any remorse or fear of man. The Word of God convicts man of his innermost and deepest crimes.

How pitiful it is that many people in this generation just as the days of Noah shall be left behind when the Rapture shall occur. The Anti Christ is manifesting itself in bits who knows if the Covid-19 isn't one of their antics.

I've got a challenge for you, to everyone's family and friends and share this spiritual piece to those who are ready for God's coming or are tired of the pastors hiding the truth.
My Challenge is :
"Where Do You Intend To Spend Eternity and What Makes You Qualified"?
Heaven or Hell!

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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