Decode And Pray Away Dreams Signaling Danger

All dreams are generally good because even those that have evil content have been allowed by God to show you or warn you of some impending danger. 

There are also very positive dreams which show us God's will over our lives.

By Bishop Pride Sibiya

Again having one such dream does not mean it is spiritual cause dreams may come from God, Satan or you. However for these,if they continually appear, pray and refuse them, DO NOT FEAR!:

1. Swarms invading and destroying your field: poverty

2. Hair being cut off by an enemy: shame

3. Carrying a basket: dullness, memory loss

4. Sumptuous feeding: air world, planting of deposits, poisons and sicknesses in your body.

5. Water bodies, in water with friends, white ladies with long hair: marine world

6. Masquerades running after you: insanity

7. Snakes, dogs, bulls, persuing you: demonic attacks

8. Extreme sexual dreams: spirit hubbies/wives or marine world.

9. Dead relative asking to go with you where he/ she lives:death

Decode And Pray Away Dreams Signaling Danger
Decode And Pray Away Dreams Signaling Danger

10. At a graveside eating meat: witchcraft

11. Leeching pockets: poverty

12. Being tatooed and incisions: varied spirit deposits

13. Dead relative giving you traditional African stuff showing they are handing over a mission.

14. Nakedness in a public place: shame

15. Flying and meeting weird people

16. Nursing babies and you wake up with your breast having been sucked:marine world attacks, fruit of the womb.

17. Torn wedding gown: marriage attacks

18. A snake getting into your womb: attacks on fruitfulness of the womb.

19. Miscarrying in a dream/someone hitting your stomach while pregnant: miscarriage

20. Under water with children calling you dad/ mum that you don't know.

21. Falling from a tall building/mountain: turn of fortunes for the worst.

22. Failing to cross a river you know you have to: failure

23. Falling in a pit: trips and traps

24. Wedding/engaged with rings exchanged and you feel odd about the man: spirit spouse.

25. Riding a hyena/opening graves: witchcraft

26. Having sex with close relatives or beloved ones: familiar spirits(never rush to hate relatives, demons are masters of deception)

27. Constantly in a coffin: death

28. Killing people: murderous spirit


These show us what may be following us. Please know that without opening a door to the devil, we have overcome all these. The Word of God is more dependable than any evil dream fighting you.

Receive Christ NOW and receive my prayer:
"Lord I speak the blood of atonement on my reader, forgive all their sin in Jesus' name. I decree liberty from every demonic dream, vision or voice fighting against them right now. Whatever entered them through a dream I command to leave right now, in Jesus' name. Amen."

Love you,

Apostle Pride Sibiya.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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