Common Questions About Tithing Answered.

MUST READ: Common questions about tithe and tithing answered!

How can I tithe when my money is not even adequate?
Before you even get your money it is good to know all of it is given you by God. You say, but I worked! Yes the strength and grace to get the money, the breath in your nostrils is given by God. If he took it you would not have the money. He gives you money in 10 portions then asks for just one, so you can acknowledge Him. what if he asked for 9 and gave you 1? Human nature is that we are never satisfied, the best thing to do is never to put tithe on your budget:if you get 1000, just know you have gotten 900 before you budget. 100 is his even before you get it. It is like Caesar's(your earthly government) tax. 

It is you who works but the tax belongs to government so that civil servants that work for you and protect you may be sustained. while you give Caesar, give God His so that angelic ministration, pastors and the government of God may be established.

By Apostle Pride Sibiya
Common Questions About Tithing Answered.
Common Questions About Tithing Answered.

Tithe is an Old Testament practice, why should I live in the Law when Jesus redeemed me from the Mosaic Law?
Tithe is not a product of the Mosaic Law/Law of Moses. The tithe was established over 400 years before Moses was even born. The tithe is not a Law but a spiritual connecting, honoring, tool that our Father of faith Abraham received as a revelation before He was blessed by Melchizedek(Genesis 14). Tithing is not of the law, it is of faith, no wonder tithing itself needs a lot of faith.
when Jesus came he fortified tithing in Matthew 23:23 and even in the time of the writing of the book of Hebrews, tithing was still active(Hebrews 7:8). That is New Testament for you!

Should I tithe from my gross or net?
Can I ask: who is benefiting from the pensions, clothes accounts,medical aid, insurances which are being deducted? Would it not be easy for someone who gets 1000 to get almost all of it less 200 on stop order then go to church and tithe 20? This is Jacob's anser to you question:"I will give you a tenth(tithe) of ALL(GROSS) that you give me." Genesis 28:22

Can I take my tithe to those more needy and poor than our church?
From the onset the tithe has never been for human institutions, charitable organisations or our poor family members. God spell out clearly where the tithe must be taken: "Bring all the tithes into my storehouse" the word 'all' means all. All tithes without any subtraction or division are to be taken to God's storehouse, the Church. why do i say it is His church? Because He goes on to say, that they may be food in my house! Three things to note: the tithe belongs to God; all the tithe is always 10% of all your income and; the tithe is taken to the House of God! the poor are our own responsibility!

I am just an unemployed person, should I tithe?
the Bible tells us to tithe from our INCOME not our SALARY! whatever I get I tithe unless if it was given for a specific purpose like to travel to town or school fees...otherwise those not employed and students must tithe their way to God's blessing! God is not a cruel God, He is a loving Father who wants to take you out of your predicament!

When do I tithe?
It is important that the moment you get your income you just put aside your tithe or else you will end up using it. It should be the first thing on your list, Matthew 6:33 tells us to put the Kingdom first. If you try to tithe out of the remaining money after doing all else you will never tithe in your life.

Who pays tithe?
According to Galatians 3:26-29 everyone who by being in Jesus has become a child of Abraham must tithe.

What if I tithe from my salary then have some deals around, can I take the "deals money" to church or it is unholy?
If you know that what you are doing to get money is against God's precepts just stop it! If you feel it is good enough for you to get extra cash, then all your income must be tithed to God!

So where do the tithes go?
According to the Bible, the tithes are an inheritance of the Levites, these have been set as God's mouthpiece on earth. A mouth does not only talk but also eats!Numbers 18:21,24 says they are the inheritance of the ordained servants of God. Read Malachi 3:10

Will be happy to add more questions and help people. I recommend that you read The Blessing Connector by Prophet Blessing Chiza and study the Word of God. poverty is a dirty devil that must be crushed, start tithing now and be released from the heavy clutches of poverty!

Everything starts by receiving Jesus: Lord Jesus come into my heart right now!

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