Bed-Room OR Bad-Room?

Do you have a BED-ROOM or you have a BAD-ROOM? A bedroom is the room in which you connect your inner passion, love and peace.

Check the difference between a Bad-room:

-No time to pray in this room.
-No order in this room- things are not in their place.
-Clothes are on the bed, shoes are all over, books are on the bed, children soiled nappies are on daddy' s pillow.
-No communication between occupants.
-No privacy- it works as a conference room for the whole family-even children from next door get in there willy-nilly.
-No sound proof-every sound or word said in this room is heard by persons in the next room. The couple can't enjoy intimacy with sighs of pleasure for fear of being heard in the next room.

-Old bed that makes more noise than necessary thereby hampering the two to fully express what they are made of in the secret game.
- Fighting room- Physical and verbal fights are the order of the night.
- Serves as courtroom-constitutional and legal issues are expounded 6 days per week.
-Convictions and sentences are also passed to the convicts.
- It is a serious room-no time to share jokes.
-Intimacy is done once in a blue moon. They are more of a brother and sister. The lady is always tired in this room and very active in the Kitchen, dining, and the bathroom. The man always comes in this room when he fully convinced that she is asleep.

When they eventually have sex, it is just a boring routine duty.

That's what I call BAD-ROOM
Bed-Room OR Bad-Room?
Bed-Room OR Bad-Room?

- Prayer is the key ingredient of the room
-There is order in the room- things are in their rightful places- Clean clothes in the wardrobe and dirty clothes in the basket. There is nice bed spread and a set of comfort giving pillows.
-Communication is the area of priority to the occupants.
-There is privacy- it is the private place for husband and wife which is highly restricted to staff only.
-There are strategies in place to facilitate sound proof.
-A musical gadget is in place to neutralise the sound from this room.
- Always a new or semi new bed- the bed is changed within a five year period intervals hence the two love birds fully expound each other.

-What fights in this room is what is ordained to be fighting in the bedroom.
- Issues are communicated and solved amicably.
-It is joyous room where the two have time to share jokes and laugh. There is time just to relax and speak the sweet nothings whilst enjoy the presence of the other.
-Intimacy is just staple food. They both know that it cannot be bedroom without intimacy and hence they are fully committed with their spirits, minds and bodies to fulfill the joy of one another.
-They both initiate the game and make sure that it is new every other day.

Some bed-rooms are bad-rooms by choice whereas some are so due to factors beyond the control of the occupiers. Both wife and husband must work towards having a real bedroom.

Yes some issues demand finance, some commitment , some compromise, some forgiveness, some love in action and many require divine intervention.

Stop pointing figures to each other and both work hard to turn the bad room to a bed room.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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