7 Relationships You Must Cut Immediately

The Bible says, "Evil communication corrupts good manner"(1 Cor 15:33). 

Evil relationships will corrupt character. When character is corrupted, destiny is corrupted. When destiny is corrupted, life is wasted, and when life is wasted, eternity is jeopardized. .

What the Bible calls ''evil communication'' can come in different forms, many times we can be in evil relationships and be unaware. Samson was in an evil relationship until it terminated his sight, his calling, his destiny. If you don't terminate that relationship, it will cost you your sight,calling and destiny.

Seven kinds of evil relationship you must discontinue
1. A defiling relationship
Any relationship that defiles you, defiles your thought, your body with a man, woman, boy, girl, or adult, is a relationship that must be discontinued. Samson got used to defiling relationships and he became comfortable in them. You can be living in sin and miracles will still be happening in your life and through your life; gifts of the Spirit will still be flowing and you will think you are right, Satan can even help you by quoting scriptures about grace until he destroys you, it is a trap. Don't fall into that kind of trap

Every kind of relationship that defiles you is a relationship to be terminated, you don't have to think twice about it. Don't deceive yourself, the Bible says "he that sows to his flesh, out of the flesh will reap corruption"(Gal 6:8)

Don't let anybody brainwash you into feeling okay with what is not okay: A relationship that makes you disobey God should be discontinued.

2. A draining relationship
Some relationships might not defile you, but they will drain you of all energy. They will dry you up: of virtue, inspiration, motivation to study the word, pray. Everything might look alright on the surface, but it is not sharpening you, it is dulling you, draining you. There are people the devil will put in your life, they are not sleeping with you, but over time you notice that you are being drained. Beware of draining relationships, it is a war tactics that the devil uses. That kind of relationship that divests you of energy, strength; Before that relationship quenches you, quench that relationship.
7 Relationships You Must Cut Immediately
7 Relationships You Must Cut Immediately

3. A distracting relationship

Some relationships will not defile or drain you, but they will distract you, you just discover that you are not able to focus on the things you should be focusing on. Prayer times are now chatting times.When you discover that a relationship is now a distraction to your relationship with God, to focusing on your dreams, you must terminate it. No God-given relationship will distract you, defile you or drain you. As long as Delilah was in the life of Samson, he never prayed instead, in the night he slept on her laps, he didn't even know when God left. Discontinue the distracting relationships.

4. A dominating relationship
This is an enslaving relationship, a relationship where you have no freedom. There are some young men and women who in the name of love have given someone the right to their freedom; that slavery is not love. Every relationship that has robbed you of your liberty is a relationship that must be cut off. There is no relationship God will bring into your life that will rob you of your freedom that you already have in Christ (Gal 5:1). Discontinue that controlling and dominating relationship.

5. A demonic relationship
Some relationships are not just defiling, draining, distracting, or dominating, some relationships are downright demonic. Your relationship with a fellow girl, using you as a toy in lesbianism is downright demonic. It may sound strange but it (demonic relationships) is everywhere, very rampant; children with their fathers, elder sisters with younger brothers,church members with their pastors etc. When you find yourself romantically attached to someone you should not be feeling any sort of romantic attraction towards, it is demonic. Delilah was just a physical agent of the demonic spirits (Judges 16:23-24)

Father in the name of Jesus, let every agent of darkness posted into my life to truncate my destiny collide with fire and fail in their assignment in the name of Jesus*

6. A demoralizing relationship
A discouraging relationship is one that leaves you uninspired and unmotivated. The Bible says "iron sharpens iron"(Prov 27:17). No relationship God brings into your life will demoralise you. The relationship between Samson and Delilah was demoralising. She vexed, discouraged and demoralised him until he no longer had the courage to be consecrated. (Judges 16:16)

Some guys and ladies taunt holiness and consecration making it look unfashionable.

When you come in contact with such people in a relationship,they make you feel like loosing your virginity. They discourage you from pursuing what is good and living a holy life. Those kind of people should be cut off from your life at all cost.

7. A Damaging relationship
Some relationships are damaging. They don't defile you, drain or distract you, but they can damage you. They damage your sensitvity to God, your hunger for God, your self-esteem, before you know it you are feeling worthless, they damage destiny: that is what Delilah did to Samson. Samson did not realise the relationship was damaging until his eyes were gone and he was in the prison.

My Counsel:
Stop excusing someone you should be expelling from your life. There are people you should kick out of your life, but you are justifying them, finding excuses for them. This thing you are calling love, is it really love or lust? A relationship authored by God will not distract you, defile you, drain you, damage you, demoralise or rob you of your freedom. If a relationship is doing any of these things, it is a red light and you should terminate it without delay

How to discontinue wrong relationships

1. Identify it: That relationship you are wondering whether you should or not continue, it is a sign that you should stop it.

2. Present him/her before God: Pray, break all relationships spiritually before you take a step physically. There are some relationships you would break if God opens your eyes to see what happens in the spirit world. Many people are blind and so they do not know what is happening.

3. Expose that relationship: To your pastor, your parents, authorities in your life so you can get help. If you enter into the hand of someone controlling, except a superior authority comes, you cannot be free

4. The law of growth is that anything you invest in will grow and anything you stop investing in will not grow, stop investing in that relationship, stop investing time, calls, chats, time, etc.

5. Let the person know that you are calling it a quit; You are walking out of that relationship, and giving the person reasons

As you take these steps in ending these relationships, remember, to be in any of these relationships means already there is a sin to confess and ask for forgiveness, that is the first step to being free.

Prayer points:

1. Lord, as I begin to pray now, let every agent of darkness sent to my life be arrested , let their kingdom be set ablaze, let your judgement come upon every kingdom of darkness in Jesus name.

2. You agent of darkness, I destroy and disconnect you from my life, mind, and in my dreams, be expelled from my life in the name of Jesus.

3. By the blood of Jesus I disconnect myself spiritually, physically, socially and emotionally from every wrong relationship past or present in the name of Jesus.

4. In the name of Jesus, I reject in advance every relationship that will damage me.

5. Lord, bless me with relationships that will build me up, develop me, relationships that will not damage me in the name of Jesus

Pastor Ebenezer Okechukwu

City of Purpose Ministries International

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