18+ Marrieds Only: Helping Your Wife To Climax

"I never climax during sxx". Most women will say this to themselves, friends, family, lovers or whoever they want to or find themselves talking about it with. 

It is not your fault, it is not because you do not have a good enough size or do not thrust right, it is just how the female body is wired, a very little percentage of women will or rather can climax during penetrative sxx. Most women need other kinds of stimulation in order to reach "The Big O". Here are some ways you can help her;

1. Make her climax before intercourse. Orgasms cause the clitoris to become much more sensitive than it normally is so if you have intercourse after she has an orgasm, the contact from penetration, no matter how little, can trigger other orgasms.

2. Stimulate other parts during sxx. Women have so many erogenous zones, so many pleasure regions, sometimes their whole body is. Play with "other" sensitive parts of her body. Stimulating these areas all at once can help her reach orgasm during intercourse, a powerful one at that.
18+ Marrieds Only: Helping Your Wife To Climax
18+ Marrieds Only: Helping Your Wife To Climax

3. Try positions that will stimulate other parts. Some positions help produce more friction than others, they will cause your member to rub against her sensitve spot more, which will help her reach orgasm during penetrative sxx. You can do some research and find out some of these positions and the ones both of you will be comfortable with and like to try.

4. Talk to her. Most women find dirty talks extremely stimulating and sometimes to help a woman reach orgasm faster, you not only want to stimulate her body but her mind too.

Do not be scared to get out of your comfort zone, try new things, you might just like them.

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