15 Qualities Of Above-Reproach Pastors, Elders And Leaders

These qualities are seen in the Pastoral Epistles(1 and 2 Timothy and Titus) which every leader must start off by putting emphasis on these books apart from the general whole Bible.

Qualities of Overseers, Elders, and Deacons:

1. Monogamous: The husband/wife of one spouse and serial monogamy is seriously monogamy.

2. Temperate: Moderate and sober-minded. Must know how to control their emotions

3. Self-control: We should not be driven by instinct-like character animals e.g. cat and rat. You should rule over instincts.

4. Should be respectable: In their appearance, their speech and their actions.

5. Hospitable: The word hospitable is from "hospital" which is the same root of hospitality. It is the art of making a guest feel at home, welcome, loved catered for and not want to leave. They should sympathise and be welcoming.
15 Qualities Of Above-Reproach Pastors, Elders And Leaders
15 Qualities Of Above-Reproach Pastors, Elders And Leaders
6. Understands doctrine: A leader must know the basics of Christian doctrine: salvation, redemption, deliverance, laying-on of hands, faith, baptism, and others. Many Christians have lost the respect of these doctrines. A leader must also understand their church constitution, vision, philosophy, doctrine, core values etc.

7. Able teacher: Teaching is the impartation of the Christian doctrines. The original brings it in another way: one with a teachable spirit!

8. Gentle: Not a grumbler or fighter.

9. Not a lover of money and dishonest gain: Avoids illegal deals, cheating, stealing from people and living a life of gumbling.

10. Mature in faith: Not easily blown to and fro by every wind of doctrine. You cannot be a genuine elder and still be following every doctrine, fly-by preacher that comes to town or every religious fade. You must be rooted.

11. Good reputation outside the church: You must live a straight-forward life outside the church such that people respect you as a man/woman who tries to live right.

12. Sincere but right: Honest and faithful

13. Good family manager: There is a need to have a considerable and visible level of a good marriage and family management.

14. Women and their wives must be virtuous: Spouses of leaders should have a considerable level of virtue.

15. Not overbearing: Disciplined and humble. Leaders must not use the church as their personal asset or "boss" over people, rather, love them and serve God through them.

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