How important are morning prayers?

The answer is in these points?

1) Morning prayer is very important because you meet God before meeting the devil.

2) You meet God before meeting the circumstances of life.

3) You talk to God before talking to men.

4) Communicate with God before your fellowship with others.
13 Points Why Morning Prayers Are Important
13 Points Why Morning Prayers Are Important

5) You hear news from Heaven before receiving news from the earth.

6) You sit before God before sitting in front of men.

7) You kneel before God so that you don’t have to bow before men.

8) You honor God before honoring men.

9) You enter the presence of God, before entering the presence of men.

10) You nourish your Spirit before feeding your body.

11) You call upon the Almighty God before calling all the other little names in the world.

12) You first look at the only true God before looking at yourself in the mirror.

13) You first sweep your heart of impurities before sweeping your house.

So, beloved, wake up, communicate with your maker and creator.

Prayer is a powerful weapon, this weapon is in your hand, and its power is in your mouth. so get up, and use the power of prayer, which will endow you with the power from the Highest.

To get up in the morning and pray, is a powerful secret to succeed, to obtain power and grace from the source.

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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