Must Read: Very Dangerous Modern-Day Church Practices


When a vehicle is moving at a speed of 160km per hour it is effectively doing 44.44 metres per second. A very slight twist of the steering wheel means that in twelve seconds it will be half a kilometre off road. It is the same with some churches. They move very fast, dragging you along. You may never notice the slight turn as you maintain the same momentum but in a different road altogether. Some make sure there is huge momentum such that you will be caught up in the momentum without realising a deviation from the truth. Some they do it intentionally whilst others do it negligently.

Some of these have a charismatic and eloquent leader who is enjoyable to follow. At times they add a small portion of untruth or heresy in an otherwise awesome message. You take it hook line and sinker. Ten weeks of one dose of poison in a message will gradually and progressively corrupt your faith. We start noticing some mannerisms and tendencies about you, we gradually drift as a gulf is created. Before you know it you may be in a cultic like church in the name of God.

It is good to read these trends and patterns together with our earlier observatios on tricky and dangerous church leaders. These work hand in glove as they are stealthly introduced by or through the leader. The church leader may establish a system that promotes and maintains this.
Must Read: Very Dangerous Modern-Day Church Practices
Must Read: Very Dangerous Modern-Day Church Practices

1. More value on signs, wonders and miracles.
The presence of miracles and the demonstration of power are used as The yardstick to validate a good and great church. Signs and wonders confirm the word of God, they are not a tool for the church to bait and manipulate desperate souls..

2. In church more attention is given to and space for demons to speak, than the Holy Spirit.
Demonic manifestation is entertained as if demons are the main show. Ushers, media team and microphones literally stampede to hear the 'devil' and no similar effort to hear the Lord's testimony.

3. Skewed doctrine and church practices.
Isolated events in the Bible are used as the basis of doctrine. Less talk about holiness, righteousness, the blood of Jesus, etc. More emphasis on giving, blessing and prosperity. The pulpit releases more of "feel good" messages, very little of the rhema Word indiluted and direct from the throne of grace.

4. They deify the man of God.
More emphasis on the man of God than the God of the man. The leader is almost worshipped. The leader can say whatever he wants, lambasting other Preachers and churches as the church claps hands, sometimes raising their church as The only church.

5. Weak leadership structure.
There is a leadership team (which in reality is a form and structure). The Leader literally runs the show alone with no checks and balances and little accountability.

6. Anything that is perceived as an attack to the church or man of God is viciously opposed.
It's almost like the church or leader never makes a mistake. The devil or enemies are declared responsible if any error or misfortune happens. Sometimes the leader is reckless with words or in conduct, bringing about unnecessary or avoidable conflicts and attacks, which are then blamed on the devil's persecution.

7. They underestimate or undermine the value and significance of Jesus's triumph at Calvary.
Your salvation and guarantee to eternal life is made subject to compliance with certain man made rules and regulations which may include food, money or a special connection to the leader.

Some practices are introduced ostensibly to deal with a certain issue in the church, then they become entrenched as a permanent church culture.

If your church manifests these trends and Patterns please be careful. Be on guard. All our churches are full of sinners. We do not expect to see angelic church members or pure and holy saints. The Church is a hospital of injured and ailing souls. The Church is a Platform, where we are taught the correct Word and given opportunity to repent and be transformed. We only want a platform for our healing and restoration. We want a platform for our growth and edification, in accordance with Scripture.

Let everyone beware. Do not fear to make a move if you have to. It is your life! Be bold and courageous in 2020.

(Personal observations and opinion)

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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