MaAfrica, Is Legacy About Having Male Children?

To my wonderful 3 A's, Anouya, Anenyasha and Anaya, daddy loves you like Marble...makadaro! Siphiwe and Precious, my wonderful sisters, you are awesome!

Mark Zuckerberg has two daughters.

Barack Obama has two daughters.

Kobe Bryant has four daughters.

Dr Wil has four daughters.

I heard that Dangote doesn't have a son. Not sure, please tell me!

These are all great men who didn't get themselves and spouses worked-up over male children.

With or without male children, they have impacted humanity in their different ways and have marked their names in history. They will be remembered long after they are gone for what they did and NOT for having male children.
MaAfrica, Is Legacy About Having Male Children?
MaAfrica, Is Legacy About Having Male Children?

But one UNKNOWN man in one Zimbabwean village with no achievement whatsoever and no single purposeful contribution to humanity is frustrating his wife for not having male children, He is hitting his way too hard and harder every year just because his looking for a male child.

He is desperately looking for a male child to carry on his non-existent legacy and poverty-stricken name. I'm not against having male child but it shouldn't be an opportunity to frustrate your wife neither should it be an avenue to have a community, let's act wisely after all some male children are nothing to write home about.

Who on this earth has the greatest name? Jesus Christ obviously! Jesus Christ! Yet He did not have any male child, not even females. We gotta change our mindsets great men and women!

May God grant us sense, brain and wisdom. What do you think about this topic?


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