How Can I Make My Man Feel Like A Man?

Making your man feel inadequate is the worst thing you can ever do to him and that is why men rarely forgive cheating. 

To most men cheating is the number one relationship deal breaker. Just like you, a man needs to feel loved, appreciated and also attractive and the only way you can make him feel that way is by giving him an ego boost every now and then.

An ego boost will make your man a better man and in turn he will treat you right and when he treats you right you both end up in a very healthy relationship.

Below are little ways you can make your man feel like a man.

Thank him for every little thing he does around the house and even for something as random as loving you or for putting up with you.
How Can I Make My Man Feel Like A Man?
How Can I Make My Man Feel Like A Man?

Listen to him intently when he is explaining something to you and allow him to feel smart even though you are smarter than him.

Cook for him without making him feel like he is the reason you can never get anything done or like he is cramping your style. This will make him feel special. Wait on him, get him water and even when visiting friends or family or at a barbeque, bring him a plate and make sure he is satisfied.

Let him make the plans and take charge of directions as men like to feel like they are great at remembering directions. Even if he gets lost, do not make him feel like he’s the reason why everyone in the world gets lost and how much he sucks at giving directions.

Allow him to take you to his favorite restaurant and order for you. He probably likes the restaurant for a reason so for once just let him do his thing.

Feel him, need him, appreciate him and enjoy being with him in the bedroom and always do that thing that he loves so much. Give him full control and let him take all the credit for satisfying you and for making you glow.

Massage him after that long day at work and let him know how much you know he deserves a massage as he works really hard to provide for you and yours.

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