Dating A Plus-Sized Girl: Know This Before

Guys: Here Are Things to Know Before Dating a Plus-sized Girl

For guys who want to date a plus-sized girl, there are several things they must know consider before entering a relationship with them. 

Trust me, plus-sized girls are the best set of girls you want to date. So, for guys who want to date a plus-size woman, here are things you should know.

1. Do not make them feel like a joke: When you date a plus-size girl, make sure you are serious. Don’t date her if you just want to humiliate her. Don’t get involved with her if you just want to try her out because she’s “big in all the right places”. These reasons are very dehumanizing and hurtful for them. Most plus-size girls develop trust issues when it comes to anyone’s ability to love them.
Dating A Plus-Sized Girl: Know This Before
Dating A Plus-Sized Girl: Know This Before
2. Be prepared to hear unsolicited opinions: Plus-sized girls navigate in a work that constantly reminds them of their size. It simply means that no matter how confident they are, they are still subjected to proving their worth. You may meet the most confident plus-sized girl in the world but it wouldn’t change the fact that the society will try to convince them that they should hate themselves.

3. Be careful with sarcastic compliments: A sarcastic compliment is a remark which seems to be a compliment but is meant to be an insult. The best example of this is when a man says: “I love a woman with meat on her bones.” it may sound encouraging but when you think about it, you are abusing her.

4. Be prepared to accommodate other men who would take triple looks: If you are a jealous person, it might be difficult for you to date a plus-sized because you might become uncomfortable with the way other men look at her lustfully.
5. Encourage them to lose weight: You should, first of all, love a plus-sized woman before asking her to lose weight. If you do the latter rather than the former, she would call it quit. So love her dearly before encouraging her to lose weight.

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