5 Signs You Are Deeply In Love

1. Maintaining long conversations: There are lots of people who don’t actually talk much, and sometimes those that talk much run out of words at times. When you meet that person that flows well with you in discussions endlessly, that is a sure sign that you and the individual share something very special.

2. Understand each other’s jokes: When you both tend to understand every single joke said by the other, it is a green light. The fact that you get each other’s sense of humour is a very huge sign. These are people that always find your jokes funny and don’t just laugh to make you happy, but because they really understand you.

3. Comfortable around each other: When you want to know if you have chemistry with someone. It starts from being comfortable around each other. When you can both open up to each other in the most genuine way. When you are not afraid or ashamed to talk to the other person. Their presence feels like home and you can hang around that person longer than you can with, co-workers, friends even family at times.
4. Adequate concern: There are matters that might look ordinary to people when you tell them, and they can just chip in some advice to help out. But when you find a person who you are extremely concerned about and is concerned about you the same way, this is a very obvious sign of love. You might share a very minor experience with the person and in return get a very high level of empathy from that person, you don’t need to be told that you are in their minds, and they want the best for you. Although friends can be very concerned there is a level of concern you would get and be so sure that he/she is in love with you.
5. They introduce you to their family members: Not everyone would want to show their friends to their family members, but when you discover that the person you are in love with is willing to introduce you to people that are important in their lives, it is an obvious sign that they are in love with you too. They also go as far as introducing you to people that can assist your dreams, this is not an ordinary act of friendship but of love.

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