30 Signs That Show You Are Boring

If these things from Ask Reddit describe you, you might want to get a little more adventurous.

1. Little to no contribution in conversation. I have a friend and she’s the most boring person I’ve ever met. It’s sad but she has little to no friends because how little she knows how to act or make conversation. It’s mostly “cool” or “okay” to everything I say.

2. No creativity, no original ideas. Everything is predictable.

3. When they only talk about other people, like talking shit about people is their only personality.

4. No sense of humor and/or sense of adventure.

5. People whose only activity in life is smoking weed and drinking alcohol, talking about smoking weed and drinking alcohol, talking about how high or drunk they were, and wondering when the next time it is that they will smoke weed or drink alcohol, while also being very loud about all of it, in public, in front of anyone.
30 Signs That Show You Are Boring
30 Signs That Show You Are Boring

6. Close-mindedness. If you can’t appreciate a different lifestyle, opinion, belief, etc. because yours in the “right one”, then I can’t hold a conversation with you for more than 30 seconds.

7. Talking about nothing but themselves.

8. Not able to choose anything in a game of Would You Rather. You know those types… pizza or pasta? And they’d be like, "awww I can’t choose between the two!" Come on! It’s just a game and nothing in your life is literally going to change if you choose goddamn pasta.

9. People who talk at length about people I don’t even know.

10. If their identity is rooted in rejecting things they dislike, instead of embracing things they like. It makes a person small, unidimensional and disconnected from the world. Have you ever noticed how, when people communicate their “unpopular opinions”, it’s always something they dislike? Disliking things has become a trend, because by disliking something you risk absolutely nothing. By embracing something unpopular you do, and you actually become an individual.

11. Spending every bloody second of every minute of their life on Facebook.

12. Having zero interests outside of work.

13. Repeating themselves… repeating themselves.

14. Not wanting to do anything.

15. Agreeing with everything you say but never offering anything unique.

16. Not being passionate about anything.

17. No sense of humor.

18. One dimensional personalities. Like the “always negative” guy, the “I only talk about work” girl, or the “all we do is talk about our pets or children” couple. You get the gist.

19. Relying on other people to make all decisions.

20. Not being able to have a meaningful conversation.

21. My dad used to always say this: “If you’re bored, you’re boring.” I used to hate it, but there’s some truth that the people in this world who are interesting are people who can find wonder in any situation.

22. People with no hobbies/skills. I remember always struggling to answer those questions ‘what are your hobbies’ and in hindsight, I was just super dull and barely living.

23. Not recognizing when no one is interested in what they’re talking about.

24. When they don’t ever do anything spontaneous, and act as if anything different/unique is weird and embarrassing.

25. People who only care about making or having money.

26. Narcissists who only know how to talk about themselves, and/or people who only talk about one thing regardless of whether or not the person they’re talking to knows anything about said thing. Boring, boring people.

27. Talks about the same thing every time you fail to avoid them.

28. Everyone who had the best time in their lives in high school. Especially if they are 30+.

29. Very surface, no opinions or easily swayed by others, no significant life experiences.

30. Some topics are inherently boring, namely things that are only interesting to you because they happened to you and don’t offer any insight to other people. Here’s a short list of the least interesting topics:

Your dreams. The very definition of a singular experience, no matter how wild and crazy it was to you it didn’t actually happen. It doesn’t have a plot. It doesn’t have a point. The act of dreaming is not unique either. In my entire life I think I’ve only heard two stories about dreams that were at all interesting from an outside perspective.

Your kids. There’s too much personal bias for a parent to tell what’s a funny or interesting story about their kid and what is inane day to day happenings. Plus, being a parent is boring as fuck, so from their perspective that story is probably the most interesting thing their toddler has ever done… but to everyone else it falls flat.

Drinking and drug trips. There’s some funny stories about drinking and drugs, but it takes brutally self deprecating humor and good story telling to make these accessible. If the entire story is “me and my friends all got cataclysmically trashed”, probably just keep those fond memories to yourself. It’s fun, but it’s usually nothing to write home about.

Having sex. Similar to drug stories, we all know sex is fun. But unless we’re the ones having it, we don’t care how fun it is for other people. Unless there’s a real gem there (some bizarre and unexpected turn of events, some wacky antics, some real “hilarity ensues” type shit) no one wants to hear sex stories that basically come off as bragging.

It’s okay to talk about yourself, but talk about the interesting stuff you do. Or talk about what insights you’ve learned, or why your passionate about something. Boring people take normal things that happen to everyone, and expect you to care because these normal things happened to them. And that is lame.

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