10 Reasons Why You May Still Be Poor

In my previous article I wrote about the initial part of this, you can check it out on my blog page (infopower), Anyways let's continue from where we stopped, remember this list was compiled by Hon. Akin Alabi and this is just a summary of what was written:

1.You're A Pessimist: if you're always seeing reasons why things will not work out, then your journey to becoming a millionaire will experience a lot of setbacks, and nothing can be done about it externally because you will have to sort it out first by having faith that things will work out for you, before you can move on.

2.You're Afraid Of Failure: "If you're afraid of failing, there is high chance that you will fail eventually", because fear will take the place of logic, knowledge, experience which will surely render you ineffective. That is why you have to fight any form of fear stopping you from actualizing your plans.

3.You're Waiting For God To Make You Rich: This I will explain with a story in the book, It goes like this "There was a very strong christian that prayed to God all his life that he wanted to win a lottery. He prayed, fasted and read the bible. He did not ask God for any other thing. Eventually he died without winning the lottery, he went to God and asked why HE did not answer his prayers. God replied him saying "My son, you would have made my work easier if you had bought a ticket", Wealth is not just something you pray about you work it to life because "Faith without work is dead".

4.You're Not Ready To Pay The Price: Everything in this life comes with a price, if you're not ready to pay the price you can get them. You Cannot eat your cake and have it, it's either you eat it or you keep it. you will have to choose one.
10 Reasons Why You May Still Be Poor
10 Reasons Why You May Still Be Poor

5.You're A Procrastinator: If you don't do what you have to do when you have to do it, you won't have what you want. This applies to whatever we intend achieving that's why we will have to fight the "I will do it later" attitude of ours so that it won't stop us from achieving our goals.

6.You Don't Like Successful People: Are you among those that believes that all successful people engage in illegal deals thereby developing dislike towards them, we need to check it because we can't become what we don't like.

7.You Have Entitlement Mentality: if you're waiting for the government, your parents, relatives and others to cater for you especially because you believe it is your right, this is the time to change such mindset because "we don't always have all we want" and that's why you break free from this mentality so that you can take charge of what's happening to you and what will happen to you. At least even if things doesn't happen based on how you plan it, you will proud to say you lived your life the way you wanted it.

8.You Don't Have A Role Model: This either positive model, which you can learn what you have to do from or negative model, which you will learn what not to do from. Either ways you need someone to mentor you through experience in order to make the path navigable for you.

9.You're Lazy: We all know that the ultimate enemy of progress is not the witch from your father or mother side, it is Laziness which works hand in hand with procrastination. Laziness loves comfort, it will do anything to keep you within the scope of comfort all the time and this most times is not good for progress because progress comes after a challenge has been conquered and how will you win a war you didn't enter? So today we have to stop laziness from keeping us in that same position, let us move out and conquer the world.

10.You Blame Everyone But Yourself: remember that phrase "losers are always looking for excuse", I guess we should know what winners does from this. Let's take responsibilities from our mistakes and most importantly learn from them, not passing blame around like a baton.

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