Read: 18+: How To Touch Your Wife

1. Touch her bu*t often when you two are alone; it makes her feel wanted and that you are marking your territory as her king.

2. Touch her cheeks and neck when kissing her; it tells her you're passionate about her.

3. Touch her stomach when you two are sleeping with her back towards you; it tells her you two are comfortable together.

4. Touch her waist, hold her on the waist when you two are in public or when introducing her to people; it tells her that you are proud to be her man.
Read: 18+: How To Touch Your Wife
Read: 18+: How To Touch Your Wife

5. Touch her nipples, rub them when you two are kissing; it turns her on.

6. Touch her hand, rub her hand often as she is talking to you; it tells her that you are paying attention to her, your queen.

7. Touch her fingers, let your fingers play with hers as you two cuddle; it shows her that she is special.

8. Touch her butt, squeeze her as you play with her clit; it heightens her pleasure.

9. Touch her elbows often; it makes her feel secure.

10. Touch her thigh as you drive in your car; it makes her feel cared for.

11. Touch her feet, massage her feet even without her requesting; it makes her feel your affection.

12. Touch her shoulders, especially when you're behind her; it makes her feel looked after
Never under estimate the power of touch.


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