Poor Hygienic Strands That Will Spoil Your Vag*na

Proper hygiene for the vagina that most ladies ignore.

I know that having read this topic, you are already thinking to yourself, “I am not a teenager. I know all that there is to this topic.”

But do you?

We are about to look at common hygiene errors that most women make, including the neat ones. Therefore, it is not really about being a dirty person. It is about the things we take for granted.

So, let us look at ways of keeping your honeypot fresh and clean.

1. Wearing sanitary pads/tampons for too long
Many women change their pads or tampons based on how heavy the flow is or whether or not they have stained their clothing. But this is not a very good yardstick. Doctors actually recommend that you change your pads/tampons after 6-8 hours. Even if you have a light flow, you should not use one for 24 hours. You will expose yourself to infection.
Poor Hygienic Strands That Will Spoil Your Vag*na
Poor Hygienic Strands That Will Spoil Your Vag*na

2. Failing to replace your underwear regularly

How often do you buy new underwear? Once in 5 years or whenever they are screaming for help? Microbiologists say that there is at least a 10th of a gram of poop on ever pair of washed underwear. That should put things in perspective for you. Though this cannot really harm you, you should replace your panties every year to be safe. Obviously, when it has lost its elasticity or it has holes, it should definitely be in the bin.

3. Not removing panties at night
While some experts say that there is no big deal in keeping your panties on, those who are prone to itchiness and irritation are advised to do away with it at night. When there is reduced rubbing of the sensitive area, you are safer.

4. Casual sex
You didn’t think this would count, did you? But it does. Casual sex puts you at risk of STDs and this is not good for your vaginal health so keep your underwear on!

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