New Year (2020) Message From Archbishop Asa Gurupira

Special greetings in the name of the Lord. Greetings in the year of Heights. Brethren the year 2020 is a unique year. I see words running up and down;


When you are going out from one limited place to another without limits, you position yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

It's a year to keep yourself clean in heart and your relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ will enable you in this regard.

When they were about to Break-forth and cross the river Jordan, God instructed the children of Israel to prepare. It's strange but the word is, never go in and out of the church like the other years. Stay in His presence.

For those in Faith in God Ministries International, in our text of the year, when Pharez broke forth ahead of his brother Zerah who had broken forth initially but retreated, obviously there was a tussle and friction.

When Jacob held the heel of his brother Esau, obviously there grew enmity between the two brothers.

It's a year of friction, in nations, communities and families.

With this in mind take note of the following:

1. LOVE: This has always been the hallmark of our ministry and it is also important for every child of the Kingdom. You need to practise the Love of God like never before in 2020. May God give you the grace to love the unlovable at all times.

Dont forget all the by-products of Love; forgiveness, tolerance, long-suffering and patience.

As much as you can, share with the underprivileged what God has given you.
New Year (2020) Message From Archbishop Asa Gurupira
New Year (2020) Message From Archbishop Asa Gurupira 

2. PRAISE: This is the second word I see. Millions and millions of hands are lifted up in the worship of the Messiah. It's frightening but all I can say, saints, let us put a praise on our lips at all times. Limit petitions.
We praise God for what He has done and our eyes have seen. But we also praise Him for what our natural eyes have not yet seen.

Praise him for your lost relatives to come to Christ. Praise him as you love your enemies. Praise him for past
clear victories. Praise Him for what He has laid on your heart but is not yet fulfilled. Praise Him because He is God.

Take time in your mid-week Family Fellowships, small groups or home groups to praise Him as you break bread and take Holy communion together.

In the case of FIG, like I said in October, we are fasting the first five days of January and we are dwelling on Praise; no petitions.
New Year (2020) Message From Archbishop Asa Gurupira
New Year (2020) Message From Archbishop Asa Gurupira 

Those in the nation of Zimbabwe, your morning is hearing. I know you have heard this from many servants of the Lord before. Take it seriously.

However, the Break-forth is coming with a divine shaking in the upper echelons of society like I said in October. So, Zimbabweans put a praise on your lips even for what you have not seen. There is a gushing forth of the nation and serious Nation Building is close by.

3. OBEDIENCE: The last word I see is obedience.

When Abraham was called by God to write indelible legacy on Mt. Moriah; a legacy that broke him forth to be called Father of many nations, he was told to sacrifice the son he loved; Isaac. He obeyed.

Abraham did what Adam failed to do and he broke forth.

There will be God instructions through Servants of the Lord in 2020; be it in churches, communities or nations. Children of God, communities and their leaders, nations and national leaders are urged to heed the call to obedience.

Some of the instructions may seem foolish but as long as a respectable spiritual father in that area has spoken, be obedient.

For Jericho to fall, God instructed the children of Israel, led by the priests, to go round the city 13 times and it fell.

The year brings with it a gushing forth, Exodus, Break-forth.

Mavis and I wish you a prosperous Break-forth 2020.

Apostle A. Gurupira

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