Must Read: Wisdom: Not All Water Is Good Water!

A mother fetched FLOOD water, TAP water, RIVER water, RAIN water, WELL water and LAKE water in different cups.

She lined them up on a table and called her children and said; "You see these different samples of water, all are called water. However, not all qualify for what I'm about to ask you to do now."

She then asked her children to assume that they are thirsty, and pick the one they would drink.

They looked carefully at the labels and picked the tap water.
Must Read: Wisdom: Not All Water Is Good Water!
Must Read: Wisdom: Not All Water Is Good Water!

Then the mother said, "You see how you carefully looked at the labels before you picked? That is how you should carefully look at the labels on different people before you choose your friends. The labels on people are their characters, their habits, their behaviors."

"Every water is water but not every water is qualified for drinking."
"Every water is water but some waters are poisonous."

Every human being is human being but not all human beings are human and qualified for friendship. Some human beings are animals in human skin, and are dangerous poisons for friendship.

Open your eyes, read the labels carefully before selecting your friends.

This we should tell ourselves and our children!

Receive Jesus Christ today and go to church for spiritual fellowship.

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