Must Read: 7 Serious Lessons On Christian Leadership

MUST READ Just 7 things I have learnt in 19 years of Christian Leadership(2015)!

By Apostle Pride Sibiya

1. Before you are a leader you are a child of God. Even after you become one, remain a child of God. Despite the fact that you are a bishop, pastor, elder, leader does not mean you are immune to the effects of not following the principles of God. I am shocked that there are bishops who do not tithe, pray, fast or even read the Bible. There are people living in sin but refuse to stop public ministry. Eish! Whilst, a bishop, remain a child, not a father, of God!

2. Your relationship with God is more important than your position. Many leaders end up getting juju or using church politics to retain positions, they end up trying to use Satan's power to do "God's work." It does not add up. There are people in churches who are not removed from positions for fear of being bewitched...this is not the faith for which Christ died for. Positions come from above, read Psalm 75:6-7.

3. Having time with God is your number 1 ministry. The first calling we have is to minister to God...we are priests. It is very easy to do the work of God and so easily forget the God of the work. According to Mark 3:13-15 the first ministry of the apostles is to be with Jesus! Fellowship with the Holy Ghost.
Must Read: 7 Serious Lessons On Christian Leadership
Must Read: 7 Serious Lessons On Christian Leadership

4. You are a man/woman of God not by the suit you wear but by what thee spirit realm sees. The church is a spiritual entity and is governed by the spirit. In the spirit a person of authority is not seen by their physical dressing but their spiritual dressing, not the big K.J.V Bible but the glory of God! The sons of Sceva were fit, physically, to be men of God but the spirit did not see the same picture(Acts 19:13-16). Are you a man of men or a man of God?

5. Measure up to what people see in you. The moment you say you are a Christian leader people have a high standard of morality that they give us which we unfortunately, usually do not have. A man entrusts you with his whole family knowing you are a servant of God and you fall in love with mother and daughter. You have betrayed the trust afforded you. Guys let us be quick to measure up to the level of morality expected of us especially in this generation of titles of 18 year-old Deputy Jesus, International Bishop who have 5 members. Ndimi makada huBishop chiraramai kunge maBishop.

6. Never betray your trust. When you are a servant of God, you can command anything and people follow. You can say, God said, give me your car and people do so because they trust you hear from God. Please never betray your trust. A young lady asked me if it was okay to sleep with her bishop. I said, no and asked, why. She said he had told her that, the Holy Spirit had ordained him to bless her by removing her virginity. Vakomana tisadaro!

7. Satanists sacrifice a lot to get to their next level of authority. I am not suggesting a competition with satanists, am just saying sometimes Christian leaders must be more serious that they are. Powerful witchdoctors sacrifice 2 years living under the sea, someone cannot go to church consistantly. Tete kumusha sells a cow to buy goblins, zvikwambo nezvivanda, you give R2 when you can even manage a 100.

Just a few things I have noted in my few years of ministry. Don't mean I have gotten it all together, means we should.

I love you too much to remain silent.

Apostle Pride Sibiya

(Bishop:Glory Ministries)

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