How Heresy Creeps Into A Church: John Museredzo

1. Superficial, mystical attitude to the gospel with tendencies of trying to be controversial by preachers. Many preachers are swayed by the 'new revelation' approach.

Written By John Museredzo

2. Pride which manifest itself in comparing yourself with others and rank yourself as unique and better than others in preaching. Being gifted must not be a platform to teach the wrong things. The gift must operate from the truth.
How Heresy Creeps Into A Church: John Museredzo
How Heresy Creeps Into A Church: John Museredzo

3. An ignorant congregation which takes everything from the pulpit without verifying from the bible. Acts 17.11

4. Weak leadership who don't rebuke false teachers and let the false teachers continue without reprimanding them. Leaders are there to maintain doctrinal foundations and truths. However, some leaders have given up on some of the so-called 'freelance preachers'
5. Refusing to be rebuked or corrected. Any rebuke is taken as fighting one's gifting. Many preachers fall prey to heresy because of the 'I know all attitude'

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