Building Intimacy In Marital Relationships

Marital intimacy is not acquired through sex alone, because what really makes one beautiful is not their body but their heart and their soul.


To get to know the true beauty of someone, means you getting to know their heart and getting into their soul; this is what keeps relationships and that is the true form of intimacy.

Learn to give them your attention, when you talk to them about anything without being judged, rejected or ignored; being able to share every little detail of your day with them including the barking of a dog that sound somehow to you on your way coming back home without them getting bored or making you feel like a talkative; being able to share your fears, dreams, goals, etc. without feeling uncomfortable.

Endeavor to give them your time, even when many people are demanding it. It is making time out of your busy schedule to be with your loved one, not worried about anything and all that matters is the time you enjoyed together.
Building Intimacy In Marital Relationships
Building Intimacy In Marital Relationships

You are truly intimate with your partner when you have him or her at the back of your mind and in your thoughts no matter how distracted you are.

You could be distant in location or geographically yet close at heart; it is when each time you miss them, you can go back to old messages, re-read them and smile...

It is good to take care of your partner and spend on them, but that is not enough and that is not what keeps marriages/relationship. Giving them your time does, for that it is one thing which cannot be bought.
When you learn how to spend time with your partner, you won't worry about anyone taking them away from you, because you have their attention and heart. They carry you with them wherever they go. You are in their thoughts. They play back memories they have with you when you are away.

Relationship becomes beautiful when partners can talk like best friends, play like children, protect each other like siblings and love each other like husband and wife. Thanks for reading. God bless you all, have a great week ahead.

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