Building An Alter In Someone's Life

Just a few days ago we were held up with giving a few things to those we feel overseer us spiritually and also those in a way we are entrusted to oversee. 

Many people despise giving and have never learnt the art of giving as an act of building an alter in the life of the person you give to. An alter is an elevated place set apart to sacrifice as an act of worship to God.

Building an alter in another life.

When I take the little I have and deposit it into the life of a successful minister or my spiritual father, I am not being foolish and brainwashed.
Building An Alter In Someone's Life
Building An Alter In Someone's Life

I am building my alter without stones in their lives and that alter will speak for me in the day of trouble: "Send me help from the sanctuary, and strengthen thee out of Zion. Remember all thy offerings and accept thy burnt sacrifice."(Psalm 20:2-3). Every ministry I have helped grow has my alter in it and God shall remember my sacrifice. It is not about the honorarium but the alter I built. When I do a service without you giving me a gift I have just built my alter. May your alter speak for you!

I have loads of intercessors the world over because I built alters when early in ministry God commanded me to pray for Baba E.H Guti, Baba Andrew Wutaunashe, Baba Samuel Manyika and baba Abedinego Chitauro. when you build in alter in someone's life one day the gift from the alter will speak to God for you especially in your day of trouble.

Tonight I did it again! We are not brainwashed we know laws of the spirit, the ordinances of Heaven.


Apostle Pride Sibiya.

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