8 Things You Must Tell Yourself To Be Successful

Being successful is everyone’s dream. However, not all people know the secrets of being successful. 

As the sole architect of your destiny, you need to make sure you’re utilizing one of your greatest tools: your own voice. It’s that inner voice that will help you formulate a plan and drown out the external voices of critics and naysayers. Your voice holds the power to boost your confidence and help you both navigate and learn from setbacks when they occur. Be very honest with yourself, Is your own voice joining the negative chorus of doubters? If the answer is yes, you’ll need to reprogram your thought process by telling yourself some certain things on a daily basis for the rest of your life. Here are five things you should tell yourself every morning to realize your dreams.

1. God is Always With Me
God is the provider of everything. Starting your day with Him is the best thing that can ever happen to you. Always remember God in everything you do and success will come your way.

2. I Am a Winner
To be successful, you must believe you are a winner. Having this mentality will make everything easy for you. If you believe you are a winner, then obviously you will win.
8 Things You Must Tell Yourself To Be Successful
8 Things You Must Tell Yourself To Be Successful

3. I Am the Best

If you want to achieve something, first believe you are the best for it. Believing in yourself will bring you success in the situation that you saw hard. It is good to always believe in yourself for self-motivation.

4. I Must Do it Now
Procrastination is like quicksand. If left unchecked, it will pull you into a quagmire of crippling indecision. You’ll make excuse after excuse that will eventually foreclose on your dream. If you’re continually telling yourself it’s okay to do nothing, then nothing will be what you achieve. Instead, allow your inner voice to motivate you from morning ‘till night, and fiercely commit to your dream with a sense of urgency. Remember, the difference between “could” and “did” lies in planning and action, so become your own greatest coach and advocate for change. Don’t take no for an answer, especially from yourself.

5. I won't Quit
Anybody can quit when things become difficult, but that is not the way to become highly successful. Even when times are hard, successful people stick at it and keep working. Try to think of your end goal, and how every day you get closer to achieving it. Ask yourself: Do i have to quit or do i want to quit? If i quit now, is there a chance i will one day regret it?

6. Today is My Day
Have you ever told yourself this is my year? Okay, the same you want it to be your year, make every day your day. This will bring success even close to you. Always believe this day is your day to be successful.

7. I Deserve This
Whenever I meet someone who’s allowed their dream to derail, or who appears to be passing up opportunities for personal growth or improvement, I always ask why they don’t deserve their absolute best. If you’re among the folks who are settling for anything less than the success you dream about, you simply must get out of your own way by escaping your dangerous comfort zone. Whatever your dream may be – whether it’s pursuing a career change you’ve always wanted, or finishing your degree, begin by reminding yourself that you deserve a brighter future, and then invest in yourself. By giving your all to you, you’ll never cut corners on what’s most important: your happiness.

8. I Can Do It
Yes, I can do it. This is always the best thing you can tell yourself in everything you do. You can do it will give you morale and motivation. Fear of failure, including the inability to reclaim your forward momentum after a set-back, is one of the greatest obstacles to success. And it’s one that can often be effectively addressed by empowering your inner voice. We all have fears, but we can’t habitually make fear-based decisions, or we’ll never reach our full potential. If we allow fear to paralyze our progress, we’ll create a blueprint for mediocrity, and miss the priceless lessons only trial and error can reveal. Make sure your self-talk is stronger than your fear. Daily you must relentlessly affirm, “Yes, I can!” I understand overcoming fear is not an overnight process, and may also require that you take advantage of additional resources at your disposal such as individual therapy. There are times when the road will be steep, challenging and tiring. It is during those especially trying days that you must be able to rely upon your inner voice to drive you on. It will mean the difference between giving up and persevering. The only time you run out of chances is when you stop taking them.

Start listening to your voice today. What are you saying? Do you believe you can succeed? It’s true that whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t, you’re going to be right. When you do find yourself achieving success, make sure your self-talk remains positive and motivating.

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