6 Reasons Why Married Women Cheat

Married women cheat because of the kind of company they keep. 

Once a married woman starts following those ladies that are in marriage but in their mind they are still think they're single, she may start looking outside. With time, she would likely join the gang.
Bad company corrupts good character and no one is immune to influence.

Some wives will stay, "I know my friend cheats but I've warned her, I can't do that. Over my dead body". But with time, you'll see that her friend showcasing what she got from her escapades, or even share some of her graphic and well detailed story with her. Once the good wife's husband starts misbehaving she may be tempted to try it out, just once and she'll be hooked for life. Please breaks free from such friends. They'll tempt you not devil. Devil is on his own, chilling in hell, don't invite him to your home.

Once a wife start being unfaithful, that respect for her husband will start waning. She'll start having reasons to question his suitability to your needs. She'll now have something to compare him with. An observant husband will notice. Trust me we'll know. No matter how smart you think you are, you can never be the same. Something goes.

•Married women cheat when their husbands can no longer satisfy them in bed. Most times men with time depreciate in their bedroom politics and as they age. It may be a time a woman discover her sexuality and in dire need of that sexual connection. Once a husband starts disappointing, and the woman goes out to try out a new thing, it is hard for her to come back or stop. It is safe to say that men are also the cause of this. Some men pick up the hobby of alcoholism, poor dieting and unfaithfulness. 

These men come back home with bags of excuses, that they are tired from work and such. Once married, some men will start to think that they have arrived and that their wives are immune to attention and that extra cravings for sex. They'll ignore her and take her for granted thinking she is a nun and immune to sexual craving. Don't assume. Most men that fall into this mindset are those that married their wives a virgin or believes that their wives need little or no sex to survive. Some wives also give false impression at first that they can survive 5-10 years without sex. 

A woman once she is in her 30's is full mature sexually. Some discover high libido during or after their pregnancy while others find theirs after menopause. Some after menopause their libido is reduced because of some hormonal factors, this can be corrected through hormonal therapy and drugs. Ask your doctor, a qualified gynecologist. So, please as a man, stop assuming that your wife of yesterday is still the same, a lot goes on inside her. She may not be sexually active now but a lot can change.
6 Reasons Why Married Women Cheat
6 Reasons Why Married Women Cheat

•Married women cheat because of their kids, or so they say. Some cheat in order to train their children in school and provide for their needs. Most are 'forced' into this act as a easier option to cater for their children. This is usually found when a woman is forced into fending for herself and her kids. Men who shy away from their responsibilities are more susceptible to having a cheating wife.

A woman can endure anything but not when you are not taking care of her children.

However, wives that resort to cheating and infidelity as a tool to train their children are usually the lazy ones. Women of low vices.

Most lazy wives end up as cheats if the going gets tough. Women without handwork or career find it difficult to adjust if things are going wrong in their marriage. Instead of to support their husbands they start looking outside for help and most men will only help if they're getting something in return. You will find this sort of men saying the mantra that; "nothing goes for nothing." As time goes she may start doing something to get nothing. Before you know it, a happy marriage will collapse.

•Others cheat because of the their high taste and unrealistic expectations. They are the type that will never cut their suits to their size. Some of this women married because of the money and nothing more. They are always with that bogus expectations. Expecting so much but offer so little. Setting a standard they can't maintain on a long run. This type of women want to be seen and noticed in the society. Wear the best jewelries, cosmentics, clothes, shoes and drive good cars. The superficial women. Once their husbanbs can't offer them the kind of luxury lifestyle they dreamed of, and think they deserve, they are likely to start cheating. I've seen a husband that earns 3Ok but the wife rubs a 20k cream and wears at least 40k wigs of various sorts. Some of her jewelries is the man's salary for 3 months. This woman has been jobless all through her life.

•Some wives cheat because their husbands cheated. They cheat as a form of revenge. Their mindset is; "since he can cheat , I'll cheat ". They don't care since he did it first. If the husband is that type that craves that extra juice and won't stop this may become a norm and before you know it, they make their marriage an open swinger's club. "Do your own make I do my own, man no go vex" , this in a local planace means that they are okay with it. Trust me, with time, some if not all their kids will get used to the trade. I'm sorry if you get married to any of those children that has perfected their parent's craft.

•Married women cheat because they never broke up with their ex. This above statement is true when a woman still keeps her ex or boyfriend by the side even after marriage.
The heart always plays tricks on us especially if that trick is coming from a familiar source.

Once married and you still keep in touch with your ex on a personal level, and still meet for a hangout and such. There is a high likelihood that you may still crave that old time touch and for old time sake a married woman may find herself where she shouldn't be. As a married woman, break it up with your ex and please keep your communication simple and to the minimum. If possible cut it off entirely to be on the safer side. Avoid being on a secluded place with him and stop sharing your daily plans or activity with him, cos that fondness may grow and give him opportunity to exploit when you're at your vulnerable time. Stop calling him for advice no matter how 'gentleman' and 'wise'he can be. Don't tempt yourself.

Note: Some married women also cheat because of the kind of job they do. I won't go further to buttress on this point now, maybe on a later date. But it is pertinent to say that, a woman who want to cheat will always cheat no matter the job she does.

I've been around some cheating wives and I've tried to observe why they do it. I've even asked. Some do it for the fun, they found out that their marriage is now boring. Some did not date their husband before marriage, thus married without really knowing who they married. Some are tired of trying to please a man that is never pleased, an ungrateful man. Some are fed up of that missionary style everyday, I'm sorry to say this but it is the truth. 

So, please always try to spice up your marriage. Don't fall into a pattern for so long, sometimes do the impromptu and unplanned things. Be creative. Don't let stress, childbirth and family or job responsibilities kill your home. What led them into infidelity is not usually what they find it to be. Some usually don't end up getting what they went out of their home to find. Talk to your husband, tell him if he is hitting the wrong spots. I know some men are never willing to listen. But please try. Talk to him in a language he can understand. Pray even.

As I've already said be realistic with your expectations. Marry someone who compliments and supports you. Stop thinking that your husband will always please you at every turn. No one is perfect. Protect your home and try to be a helper rather than the destroyer of your home. Be considerate. God placed you in your home for a purpose, discover your calling. Cheating has rendered must home desolate. Any wife that cheats brings to her husband bad luck and calamity. That's the honest truth. We are not perfect, you may have cheated for reasons best known to you. But please stop and turn a new leaf. It is never too late to make amends or adjust your ways. Okay.

Cheating displeases God no matter the reason. Let us stop it by His Spirit and follow Him.

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