4 Ways To Keep Hubby From Side Chics

A Nigerian Vlogger, Blessing Ihedioha, who goes by the alias, The Husband Hunter has listed four tips for keeping a man faithful. 

According to her, side chics are stealing husbands up and down and there is a strong possibility that some men out there either have a side chic or is in the process of getting one.

Her guidelines, which she says have been tested and trusted are being followed by women who have faithful husbands. She says that married ladies must do everything possible to ensure that their husbands do not have extramarital affairs because that side chic can turn into his wife. If you do not want your husband to stray, you must do these four things;

Service Him
Service him day and night whenever he wants it. You know what I mean. We are all matured here. If he wants it, give it to him. It doesn’t matter if you are sick, tired or on your death bed. Give it to him. All-day, every day. No questions asked. Whether you are in the mood or not, give it to him. And think about it ladies, if you give it to him whenever he wants, then he will not have the energy to go do it with someone else.
4 Ways To Keep Hubby From Side Chics
4 Ways To Keep Hubby From Side Chics

Serve Him Fresh Food Every Single Day

I don’t care what you do for a living. You need to go to the market every single day, buy fresh ingredients and cook your husband fresh meals. He is your husband, he deserves fresh food every day.

Make Sure You Bow Down To Your Husband Anytime You Talk To Him
When he comes back from work and you greet him at the door, you bow. Whenever he is having food, and even when you want to make love to him. Men like to be respected. They expect that from you, especially in public. When you are in public and you are talking to your husband, bow. Show the world that he is your Lord.

You Must Dress Sexy In The House
It is compulsory. Go find the latest lingerie and wear them in the house. But there is an exception to that rule. When you go outside, you must dress conservatively. Meaning, you must not wear a skirt that goes above your knees. Your dresses, skirts or whatever you wear must go below your knee. You must wear things that do not shoe cleavages. You as a married woman should wear something that does not show your chest whatsoever. Keep it covered. Show your husband some respect. And always cover your hair. But when you are in the house, you must wear the sexiest of clothes.

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