18+: Women's Pleasure Spot: G and C Spot

When it comes to sex education and knowing what gives us sexual sensation,people tend to avoid such topics or maybe go angry when such conversations or discussions is about to take place . 

That's not really nice because sex education and sexual feelings are very very important aspect of our life which also contribute to the sexual health of a person.

It is germane for women to know and properly explore their body for them to know what makes them feel good and that why most women don't "ORGASM",yea I mean " ORGASM" during sexual intercourse with their partners and lack of orgasm makes one feel depress and unhappy always during sexual intercourse which is not ideal for ones sexual health.

Knowing what make you feel good is very important for a fantastic romantic relationship and also boost your sexual level. Most people don't have real fun with their partners, they think direct penetration is enough for their partners to achieve orgasm. Hmmm! "THAT'S A BIG BIG LIE" Men enjoy a great deal because men "ORGASM" AND "EJACULATE" which is the highest climate for men. Direct penetration is enough for a man to achieve "ORGASM".
18+: Women's Pleasure Spot: G and C Spot
18+: Women's Pleasure Spot: G and C Spot

Here I will be discussing of the G-spot and C-spot that when stimulated makes a woman achieve great orgasm, men take note oo na una work oooo!

G-spot : Personally, I’ve always been confused by the mythical G-spot. “The G-spot is an area that’s not inside the vagina but accessible through it,” If you want to stimulate it, you'd reach into the vagina, not very deep and curl your fingers up toward the wall of your stomach. "If you wait until you're aroused to do this, the area feels more textured than the rest of the vaginal canal,".

The C-Spot :First up, the C-spot, which is short for the clitoris. Your clitoris is a whole wishbone-shaped area that runs down either side of your vaginal opening, not just one spot, but that “little bump” right at the apex is usually the most sensitive spot. That’s your C-spot. “Its sole function is to create pleasure and ultimately lead to orgasm,” .

There are a lot of options for stimulating it—(“Use the tip of your finger to roll around that area for direct stimulation,” ).

So relationship partners,what are you waiting for,start exploring your partner's genital organ to know what she likes.

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